Joshua T Byers

Joshua T Byers

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U.S. Army
07/23/2003, MOSUL, IRAQ

The following is a poem written by Captain Byers. It expresses in his own words his thoughts and describes the man he became.

“Dare To Dream”
– by Cadet Joshua T. Byers, USMA ’96

It began as a little boy’s prayer
A dream conjured from destiny
And wrapped in swaddling innocence
Seeds of direction planted by the will of God
Watered by his grace
Cared for by his love.

Time marched as the long line stretched
Nearer and nearer to my yearning soul
Apparitions of the pasts glory
Paraded tauntingly in my sleep
Ghost of the gray
Lifeblood of liberty.

Achievement rang with the echo of sacrifice
The appointment given with accolades and praise
Life’s most treacherous valley hidden behind its mountain tops
Indescribable pain wrapped in a dream.

Teary goodbye’s marked it’s beginning
Tearful prayers manifest in its continuation
The desire to win, diluted by the craving to quit.
The hand of God holding my every worry
His tender love gripping deliverance- in his time.

Throughout the year, joy was sparsely woven
Between the entangled sacrifices that were the weeks.
Homecoming comes and speedily goes
Giving way to the slowing tread of time
Days take on the illusion of eternity
The tempo slowed to a deliberate beat.

Daily, fear awakened me from my peaceful sleep
Staring defiantly into my confused and bloodshot eyes.
Slowly, meeting it’s death
Beaten by new growth in Christ.
Slaughtered by faith in his unfailing love.

I stand, hand held high, gripping heaven’s outstretched hands
The goal closer than ever before
Plebe year will end in a culmination of the power of love
The love of God, and my family
The prayers of a virtuous woman, a steadfast man, and committed brothers
Prayers of men and women of god whom I have never met.

Keeping my bloodied chin up in the midst of toil and strife
Nothing more than a crude instrument in God’s unfailing plan
My life traveling the road not taken
Embodied by the simple prayer of a little boy with a dream.

Joshua’s┬áportrait is also on Poster 13


One Response to “Joshua T Byers”
  1. Mary Byers says:

    Thank you so much, Michael, for the portrait you drew for us of our hero, Josh. It is such a likeness of him and I love seeing it as I go through my house daily. I appreciate you remembering our heroes and providing such a wonderful gift to their families. May God continue to bless you. Thank you for your service to our country.

    Keep moving forward,
    Mary Byers
    Proud Gold Star Mother of CPT Josh Byers

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