Frank R Gross

Frank R Gross

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U.S. Army

My name is Craig Gross, father of Corporal Frank R. Gross.  Frank was Killed In Action, 16 July, 2011.

A couple of things here: First of all, I would like to accept your gracious offer to receive a portrait of Frank and drawn by Michael Reagan. I have attached his picture from graduation at basic training at Fort Hood Texas; this happens to be my favorite picture of my son. I am also attaching a song that I wrote about Frank – and a video tribute that we had made of our son for family and friends.

Frank was an outstanding young man. Frank graduated from college with his Masters Degree in Business Management at age 24. He paid his own way through college – he never asked me for money; he was as dependable as the rising of the sun every day. Frank was an outstanding baseball player and was scouted by several major league teams….but his heart was in his artwork. I have also attached a copy of his last piece of artwork that he did using photo shop. Frank was an excellent graphic artist – and he had even started his own web design company when he was a sophomore in college.  As a senior he designed a line of “organic clothing”; both companies were doing well for start up enterprises. His fiancé has since taken over the direction of the clothing company, so we will see how that pans out.

Finally, I was to share something with you that my wife and I call a “God Thing”. Frank was born at 11 hundred hours, on 19 August, 1985 and I delivered him (with the help of a nice doctor and some nurses). He was buried at Arlington on 19 August, 2011…..11 hundred hours – and I delivered his remains to the gravesite; I was the first to hold him and I was the last. That is something few people I believe can ever claim.

I want to thank you and Michael Reagan for what you are doing. I consider it an honor to know you. If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area….get in touch – dinner is on me and the wife.

God Bless

Frank’s portrait is also on Poster 15


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  1. Luis Hidalgo says:

    Im very sorry for your loss. I knew Frank from basic training and AIT. I remember him being a happy person. Even through all the hard times in training. The most memorable though is when he ran with me during a pt test so I can keep pace and pass the run. He was know as someone who would above and beyond. He was always helping others while making everyone laugh and smile. I will truly miss.

    I was messaging him through facebook a few days before he was killed. And he told me he was doing well. Again Im truly sorry for your lose. R.I.P CPL Frank R. Gross.

    -SGT Hidalgo, Luis M.

  2. T. Walter says:

    Mr. Gross,

    I was just listening to your recollection of your son on our local radio station (discussing Fisher House) here in Houston on Memorial Day. While we mourn with your family at the loss of your son we respect and applaud the choice he made to be a soldier and put duty before self. I would have loved to have known your son and his dedication to country. May his memory live on and the Fisher House continue to do great things for our military heroes.

    God Bless America and your family.

  3. Daniel DuBois says:

    This is Mike’s dad. I just wanted to let you know that I think about Frank often and I tear up every time I do. I keep you and Toni in my prayers as well. (You’re on my written prayer list) I know Pam does as well. I and most of the people of this country thank, honor and respect the sacrifice that you and Toni have given to this country. May God Bless you and may you continue to Bless God. November 28, 2020

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