Theodore B Rushing

Theodore B Rushing

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U.S. Army

PFC Rushing joined the Army in March 2011. He went through basic training at Ft. Benning, GA, trained at the Cavalry Scout School at Ft. Knox, KY and arrived Ft. Drum, NY in July 2011. He deployed in August and served as a Forward Scout. He received his associate’s degree at Seminole State College after graduating high school.

PFC Rushing preferred to be outdoors, he loved to ride his BMX bike or surf the waves at Cocoa Beach. Growing up in Orlando, Theodore “Teddy” Rushing was always something of a daredevil, according to his father, Rick Rushing. “He was one of those kids who’d be bungee-jumping, skateboarding or jumping off the roof.”

PFC Rushing intended to follow his father, Rick’s footsteps to join the Orlando Police Department, but after enlisting in the army, PFC Rushing told his dad that he’d found a new career. “He told me, ‘Dad, this is it.’ This is what he wanted to do. He loved being a scout, being the first one out in front of everybody else to make sure it’s safe. He liked the fact that he was able to give back to his country that had given so much back to him. He liked the fact that he was a Calvary scout, out front paving the way for everybody else,” said PFC Rushing’s father.

“The last time I talked with him, he wouldn’t share much about what was going on, but he said it was very dangerous, heavy fighting,” Mr. Rushing explained. “He was the only casualty that day, which tells me that he was out front doing his job and he didn’t let anyone get close enough to get hurt. We’re so very proud.”

This poem was posted on PFC Rushing’s Facebook page in tribute to this Soldier:

Each day I awake, and put on the gear.
To protect the ones, who tremble in fear.
I don’t do this job, for riches or fame.
For the call of duty, to this profession I came.
It’s in my blood…it’s what I do.
To do anything else, I wouldn’t be true;
To my calling in life…to the job at hand.
To protect my people…to protect my land.
A hero I am, some people may say.
To tell you the truth, I don’t see it that way.
I’m just doing the job, and serving the role.
Completing the task, that makes me feel whole.
I love what I do…it truly is me.
Protecting and serving, forever I’ll be.
Fulfilling my duty, I never shall stop.
A fireman, a soldier, a medic, a cop.

By Cody Weiser

Theodore’s portrait is also on Poster 15


2 Responses to “Theodore B Rushing”
  1. Suzy Roulston says:

    I work for a company that is the natural gas provider in DeBary, Riviera Bella is one of the communities we service. When they started to develop a new phase one of the streets was named “Teddy Rushing ST” didn’t think much about it, other than wonder where they came up with that name. One of my co-workers googled the name and found out he was a fallen soldier. I read more and reached out to the developer of the community thanking them for honoring him. One of the supers responded stating he met his parents and what an experience it was. I hope his family will read this and know I too am thankful for his service and sacrifice. May peace be with you.

  2. William Landreth says:

    Found an arm band that had 11-11-11 on it which is a very symbolic number to my girlfriend and I. I now where this arm band as my lucky charm and now to also honor a great man.

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