Michal Kolek

Michal Kolek

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Stalowa Wola, Poland
Polish Army
Private 1st Class, Polish-Ukrainian Battalion
12/19/2009, Ghazni, Afghanistan

On 19th December 2009, Private 2nd Class Michał Kołek serving as part of the Quick Reaction Forces, died in an insurgent attack on a Polish patrol around 1 pm local time (9.30 CET).
The incident occurred about 3.5 km away from the Four Courners base when the patrol was attacked by Taliban insurgents with machine gun fire and RPG grenade launchers. Immediately, Close Air Support and Quick Reaction Forces were directed to the site. After several minutes, a joint American-Afghani patrol provided support to Polish troops. In the exchange of fire PSC Michał Kołek was hit and died.

Two “Rosomak” vehicles were destroyed and six insurgents were killed in the battle.

Aged 22, Private 2nd Class Michał Kołek was a bachelor. In Poland, he served with the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion in Przemysl. It was his first mission abroad. He was buried on 24th December on a Christmas Eve, in his hometown Stalowa Wola.

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