Dustin J Libby

Dustin J Libby

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U.S. Marines
AR RAMADI, IRAQ 12/06/2006

Chris Libby recalled how his younger brother, Dustin, looked the day he shipped off for boot camp – a kid with scruffy, long hair, still a bit tipsy from the previous night’s festivities. When the brothers saw each other again at boot camp graduation, Chris Libby did a double take.

I’m looking at this man in front of me. I’m two inches taller than him and he’s looking at me, eye to eye, in full uniform. It amazed me, Chris Libby said.

Libby, 22, of Presque Isle, Maine, died Dec. 6 during a firefight in Anbar province. He was a 2003 high school graduate and was assigned to Camp Pendleton.

His family called him Dustin Trouble Libby because trouble seemed to follow him wherever he went. Such as the time his older brother hogtied him and hung him upside down from an apple tree.

He got down, brought me the rope and asked me to do it again, Chris Libby remembered.

Jeannine Gonzales met him in a California bar; she was supposed to be his wing woman by helping him find a promising date. Instead, they became a couple. They got engaged a few weeks ago.

He also is survived by his mother, Geni Libby, and father, Judson Libby.

From California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger regarding the death of Corporal Dustin J. Libby of Presque Isle, ME:

“Corporal Libby answered the high calling of military service courageously serving our country and making the ultimate sacrifice. Dustin’s loved ones have lost a cherished family member and our country has lost a valiant Marine. Maria and I extend our heartfelt sympathies and will pray for their comfort.”

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  1. G. Proteus says:

    Remember the honored dead.
    I did not know Dustin, however I have the blessing to know people who loved Dustin. As such, I would pay tribute.
    I will remember their face, their name.
    I see the mark Dustin left on those who knew him; and if their grief, their love is any indication of the caliber of his character, then he truly was a singular individual.

    You are not forgotten.

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