Kevin Elliott

Kevin Elliott

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Dundee, Scotland, UK
Army, PVT, The Black Watch, 3rd Btn The Royal Rgt of Scotland
8/31/2009, Afghanistan, Babaji district

Private Kevin Elliott, aged 24 from Dundee, of The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, attended Braeview Academy in Dundee where he was a keen boxer and footballer. He joined the Army in 2002.

After basic training he was posted to Bravo Company, later moving to Charlie (Fire Support) Company. He had previously served in Iraq and Northern Ireland.

On the morning of Monday 31 August 2009, Sergeant Millar and Private Kevin Elliott of The Black Watch were tragically killed as a result of an explosion believed to have been caused by a rocket-propelled grenade when they were attacked by insurgents whilst patrolling on foot in Babaji district, Helmand province.

Private Elliott’s family said:

“Kevin was a loving son, brother, grandson, nephew, uncle and cousin who will be sorely missed by the whole family.”

Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Cartwright, Commanding Officer, 3 SCOTS, said:

“Private Elliott was an awesome fighting Jock, who was very much in his comfort zone here on demanding operations in Afghanistan. He lived his life one day at a time and it is fair to say that he did not especially enjoy ‘peacetime soldiering’ – like many a Jock that has gone before, he was a lovable rogue.

“He was on the verge of leaving the Army earlier this year, but his inclination to be in the thick of the action was too tempting and he caught the last transport to Afghanistan with his mates. He loved operations and he was a big team player.

“It was no surprise to hear that in this tragic incident he was the first man on the roof in the defensive position, the first to volunteer to protect his colleagues in a dangerous area. That sums up the man; he took life seriously when it was important to do so, and he was a first class field soldier as a result. He would never let his friends down.

“Private Elliott’s loss will be hard to accept by all who knew him well. We will not forget his sacrifice, giving his life protecting his friends, representing his regiment and his country, and so that the people of Afghanistan might have a better future.

“We offer our deepest thoughts and condolences to his family and friends and that they might gain some strength that he has died in the service of others, doing a professional job that he loved.”

Kevin’s┬áportrait is also on Poster 8


3 Responses to “Kevin Elliott”
  1. Sandy Elliott says:

    Kevin was 24 when we lost him and it is only now 18 months later that I think about him without crying, I still have tears in my eyes as I write this. As many reading this will have lost someone close to them and know the feelings.
    My son was a caring gentle man who, on the verge of leaving the army, couldnt let his mates go to Afghanistan without him so he didnt leave the army he left our lives and is missed and will always be missed and loved.
    I can only thank Michael for his portrait of Kevin and as one family has already said the last time I saw Kevin was his veiwing the day before his funeral, when the portrait arrived I was looking at my son, the twinkle in his eyes and the cheeky grin I will never forget.
    Thank you Michael.
    Peace and love to you all and remember my son and all our heroes in your hearts and prayers as I do everyday.

  2. Spc army says:

    That is a true hero! You must feel great honor for who your son is. I salute you from America

  3. Lel Koroi says:

    Thanks for raising a Hero

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