Bryan Nelson

Bryan Nelson

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Quinton, Virginia, US
United States Marine Corps
SSGT, MV-22 Osprey training squadron
Marana , US, 04/08/2000

From wife Stacey Nelson’s testimony before a Department of Defense panel:

Bryan Nelson loved his job and it showed. He took great pride in his work and accomplishments. His expertise and enthusiasm won him The Instructor of the Year Award in 1998.

Brian felt that you could never know enough, and he continually sought out knowledge. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in aviation management from Southern Illinois University posthumously. He was very competitive in all that he did, both professionally and personally. He loved sports of any kind, and he felt that a mountain bike was the only way to travel, besides a helicopter.

The following is an excerpt from the last letter he wrote. I received it the day he died. It’s dated April 5th, and he writes: “Stacey, hey, baby, I’m getting ready to go to work. I have to fly late tonight. So I’m going in late. I received the picture of baby Nelson and it’s so cute. It’s really hard to believe that Brian Nelson has a beautiful wife, soon to be two beautiful children, and a house with a dog. It’s all because of you, you’ve given me this wonderful life, and I thank you for it. I love you very much. Well, I’m going to work. Love, Brian.”

Brian never saw the family he loved again. He isn’t here each night, as I console his 4-year-old daughter, Isabel, when she wakes up crying for him in the night. He wasn’t there when I gave birth to his second daughter Phoebe, and he isn’t here as I try to muster the will to simply get through yet another day without him.

His parents mourn the loss of an only child. His death has left a void in their lives that will never be filled. I can assure you the pain and loss that my family has suffered has been felt by each of the other 22 Marine families whose loved ones died last year in the Osprey crashes. Please see to it that all of the Osprey’s problems are fixed no matter how much it cost or how long it takes. Please don’t allow the problem to go forward until the aircraft is truly safe for our brave Marines. Thank you.

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5 Responses to “Bryan Nelson”
  1. Jody Law says:

    I remember Bryan walking into a Marine Corps ball we had holding the gear shift to his truck and asking me if he could a ride home, it was the funniest thing. The truck was this really old dodge truck that his friends had bought for him, slap some paint on and gave him for a present, and he loved it, like it was brand new, except the gear shift kept falling out!!!!!!!!

  2. Pete Reilly says:

    was my best friend in the USMC.

  3. Tony Roberson GySgt (Ret.) says:

    Brian and I had the same recruiter, joined the Marine Corps, went to boot camp, MCT, Aviation School in Millington, TN, then stationed in New River MCAS together. Our trail went in separate directions because I was Cobras/ Hueys and he was a Phrog Man. This is actually the second message that I wrote, I guess I took too long and the page timed out the first attempt so my message of memories and a message to Stacey was lost. I will say this so as to get something out in a timely fashion. Brian was a good friend with a very distinguishable laugh he was someone that I looked up to and respected. When the news broke of him going to Glory, my heart sunk and I Prayed for him and Stacey. Over the years I have spoke of Brian and how good of a friend is was, but most importantly I have and till continue from time to time Pray for Stacey and the girls. I have only met Stacey twice and have always known of the girls from mutual friends of Brian and I. Stacey please know that you are not alone, the pain is wide spread. I now live in Fredericksburg, Va and Pray for you and the girls every time I head south to go home to Fla, so if you read this message Stacey please contact me at, I’d like to know how you and the girls are. God Speed and Semper Fi!!

  4. David Moore says:

    I could go on for days about my good friend Brain we played high school football together at Varina high school and graduate together in 1987 he played behind me as linebacker i used to always hear him saying right cookie right to make a long story short when ever he was around he was going to make you laugh.when we graduated i talked to him after the ceremony and i asked him man what you going to do with yourself and he said first im going to get tour up and then im going to the Marines.I was like uncle sam is going to have something on his hands to deal with.i turned on my TV one morning and his name came across the screen my heart dropped to my feet as i dropped to my knees. who would’ve known that our last time we would see each other would’ve been that day at graduation.i miss my dear friend class of 87 #54

  5. mike scordino says:

    Hello, I was watching a video today on youtube about the osprey and I thought of my friend Gator. I served with him for several years in HMM-264. We did many deployments during those years including to Iraq. Gator was always a fun guy to be around. He could truly light up a room. When we were in garrison, I organized all the intramural sports and gator was always on our team and always made it fun. He was trustworthy, dependable, and a great Marine. I hope his girls know what an outstanding person their father was.

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