Jeffery T Middleton

Jeffery T Middleton

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Oxford, Kansas, US
United States Army
CPL, Cavalry Scouts, 2nd Armor Division, 1/41st Cavalry 
Saudi-Iraq border, Iraq, 02/17/1991

Jeffery Thomas Middleton was born April 11, 1967 at Bad Constadt, Stuttgart, Germany.  His parents were stationed there with the U S Army.

At the age of four, his family left the Army and started farming at Oxford, Kansas.  Jeff grew up on the family farm, hunting, fishing, and playing with three younger brothers.  He attended and graduated from Oxford Public schools and fell in love with football and the U S Army.  He attended Pittsburg State University and continued playing football and joined its ROTC program.  Two years into his university studies, Jeff decided to turn his full attention to the military.  He left Pittsburg State and enlisted in the U S Army to be assigned to the Armored Cavalry Branch.

Jeff took Basic and Advanced Training with the 1st Armor Training Brigade, 5-15 Cavalry, E Company, Fort Knox, Kentucky and graduated 4 January 1988.  He was assigned to the Cavalry Scouts, 2nd Armor Division, 1/41st Cavalry in Garlstadt, Germany.  His Unit, the 1/41st, was called to be part of the force to expel Iraq’s military forces out of Kuwait.  He was deployed to Saudi Arabia on 31 December 1990.

War with Iraq was declared on 17 January 1991 and Task Force 1/41st breached the berm and into Iraq on 15 February 1991.  Jeff was a gunner with the Cavalry Scouts.  His Bradley Fighting Vehicle, on which he was the gunner, included SSG Richard Miller, Tank Commander, PFC Gebhard as the driver, PVT Tally and SP4 Ta were the dismounts.  Jeff’s Bradley was arranged in a screen line ahead of the main force of the 1/41st.  Jeffery was killed in action on February 17, 1991 when a Hellfire missile hit his Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  PVT Talley died with him, the youngest soldier to be killed in the Gulf War.  The others survived the hit.  Jeffery was the first Kansas killed in the Gulf War.

Jeffery followed his dreams.  As a young adult Jeff had two loves, the Scouts and his wife.  Jeff met and courted Gina Stevens while stationed in Germany.  They were married at Fort Polk, Louisiana, on 18 February 1989.  Jeff loved being a husband and a Scout.  Serving his country was his childhood dream.

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4 Responses to “Jeffery T Middleton”
  1. Miles Mapel says:

    Davey, I remember all the laughs we had in school. I wish I could hear that laugh again. I never will forget when I was a buck Sgt. and showed up at your AIT barracks. The look on those other guys faces when you didn’t go to parade rest was priceless.

  2. John Fry says:

    I did not know Cpl Middleton but he was a fellow Cavalry Scout in my Brigade, 2AD (FWD). I recall when my scout platoon heard the news and later seeing what was left of his Bradley being dragged to the rear a day or two after the tragedy that took his life. A solemn moment doesn’t quite cover it…

    I make it a point to remember his name and the names of the other men we lost from our brigade every Memorial Day.

    Cpl Jeffery T. Middleton HHC 1/41 IN, 2AD (FWD)

    Pvt Robert D. Talley HHC 1/41 IN, 2AD (FWD)

    Spc Anthony W. Kidd Bravo Co. 1/41 IN, 2AD (FWD)

    Sgt. David R. Crumby Bravo Co. 1/41 IN, 2AD (FWD)

    Spc. Manuel Davila Bravo Co. 1/41 IN, 2AD (FWD)

    SSG Tony R. Applegate Bravo Co. 3/66 AR

    SPC James C. Murray Jr. Delta Co. 1/41 IN

  3. John A Crenshaw(name has changes since 91) says:

    I was stationed with Jeffery T Middleton and we gave each other rides to work while the station at galseldt Germany before deploying to the gulf. I was 24 at that time. I remember him most because he was really humble and nice ALWAYS willing to help anybody anytime. I know was there when he was killed by friendly fire from a hell fore missile from an Apache helicopter commander. he die alone side of his soldier Pfc Talley. both are missed and remembered.

  4. Robert Hermsen says:

    I was stationed at Garlstedt also with HHC 2nd AD (FWD) Military Police Platoon. I still remember the morning briefing when I was assigned the security detail to recover and escort Middleton’s Bradley from Iraq to KKMC in Saudi Arabia.

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