Timothy R Nelson

Timothy R Nelson

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Bellingham, Washington, US
United States Marine Corps
SGT, 1st Marine Regiment
Bellingham, US, 07/26/2008

Timothy Ryan Nelson, age 25 of Bellingham, passed away July 26, 2008.

He was born September 22, 1982 in Gales Creek, OR to Daniel & Linda Nelson. He  grew up in Spokane, WA.  He was married to Elisha Basta on August 25, 2007 in

Bellingham. Tim was a veteran of the USMC and attained the rank of Sergeant. He participated in the Battle of Fallujah and was awarded the following decorations: Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (w/combat V) Combat Action Ribbon, Iraq Campaign Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and the Presidential Unit Citation.

At the time of Tim’s death he was the President of Bellingham Chapter 3 of the Veterans of Modern Warfare and board member of the Whatcom County  Veterans Advisory Committee that overseas programs to assist Veterans. He was currently attending WWU and worked at the VA Veteran Center in Bellingham. Tim was active in his community. In the short time he was with us he volunteered with the Whatcom County Fire Department, CPS and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

His mother preceded him in death. Tim is survived by his wife, Elisha Nelson; father Daniel Nelson of Spokane; sister Jessica Nelson of Spokane, and many other relatives and friends.

Tim will be remembered for his wonderful smile, his contagious laughter and his desire and passion to help anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

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5 Responses to “Timothy R Nelson”
  1. Lorna Gum says:

    Tim has been one of my “kids” that I loved dearly. He was full of quick wit, and was a source of a great deal of laughter in our home through the years. Memories of him that I cherish to this day, is his presence with our family on Christmas Eve. We always had a big spread of snack foods laid out on the table, but the snack he enjoyed the most were the Little Smokies in BBQ sauce of which he ate copious amounts!! My girls still honor him each Christmas Eve with a toast of Little Smokies. He still brings a smile to my face as I remember this wonderful, funny, and “impishly naughty” fixture of the Gum household.

  2. Whitey (Mike) says:

    So many memories I shared with Timmy. One memory that I now look back on is when Tim and I were sharing a barracks room on Camp Pendleton. He wanted to borrow my car one night to run some errands, and visit a friend. I agreed, and Timmy left for the night. I remember going to sleep that night, and Tim was not home yet, but I remember waking up in the middle of the night, or almost morning for us Marines, and Tim was still not home. I started to get concerned, but then I heard him come through the door, and I was relieved, until Tim said, “Whitey, I got some bad news, I crashed your car.” Well, since it was a loaner from a friend I was not exactly thrilled, but it was Timmy, and how could I be upset. Looking back on it now, I wish Tim was around to crash my car again. I miss you brother.


  3. Joseph A. Schacht says:

    Tim has been, and will be, my favorite person. There’s no way I could write anything about him, that wouldn’t, selfishly, be also about myself. He had a brightness in his eyes that could only be described as earnestness. I will think of him, fondly and frequently.

  4. Jessica Nelson says:

    Occasionally I look around to read things people have said about Tim. I really enjoyed your story:) Thank you for sharing your memories. I really miss him and wish more than anything my children knew him, and he knew my children: he would have been such an amazing uncle!!! -Tim’s sister.

  5. Jessica Nelson says:

    Originally I said “Whitey, I really enjoyed your story” But the name was erased and I didn’t notice:( anyway, I love hearing stories about him:)

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