Todd Brissey

Todd Brissey

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Redmond, Washington, US
Redmond, US, 02/21/2008

Todd Brissey, you will be forever remembered and always missed……..I got back from the Memorial Service and have such a sense of emptiness still…….the service was amazing.  The tears began early on… fact, I was out at my car getting the box of tissues at the first song. 

There is nothing to describe the feeling that goes through me when someone I know and care about dies at a young age…….I’m sure many people know what I speak of, it doesn’t seem fair, it seems too soon, they seem too young, etc.  

Anyhow, back to the Memorial Service……Todd was remembered as the real person he was….I’m glad that certain details were left out, it was the right way to remember such an amazing guy.  The Todd we all want to remember was talked about…..the “volume control” part rang so true with all who knew him.  Although I did not see Todd or talk to him much recently, there were great memories to be discussed between those of us that grew up on 110th Street in Redmond.  Our summers together were fantastic…..riding bikes, climbing trees, just hanging out from sun up to sun down being kids.  Not a care in the world when we were all outside playing on our street.  A handful of you know exactly what memories I’m talking about.  And to you, I just want to say that it was great to reminisce at the bar after the service today………Yet at 11:30pm I still find myself in tears….

I feel so much for Craig and Jackie, it’s so hard to bury a child.  I keep thinking how hard it was to bury my son and he was only 3 months old when he died……how much harder must it be to say goodbye to your 26 year old child?  I cannot even imagine to that extent…… matter the age, one thing is the same, a parent should never have to go through that loss…………there is nothing more difficult or backwards in this world.  I’m heart broken all over again just thinking of their pain.

It feels like this should be a private diary entry, but at the same time it feels important to share with the world……Todd was an amazing person, a great friend, always fun to be around, and we are all deeply saddened by his death, but deaply touched by his life.

Todd, I am sorry you had to go through the many things you went through and see the awful things you saw in the last few years.  I am also sorry I didn’t come visit you immediately when I found out you were in the hospital.  It seemed like there would be more time, it didn’t feel like we were all going to have to say goodbye to you at all, let alone so soon.

Rest In Peace my friend, and I hope and pray you are in a better place…..up in heaven looking down on us and enjoying the way we celebrated your life today.


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7 Responses to “Todd Brissey”
  1. Jay says:

    Bekah that’s beautiful, and very well written, I can’t believe it’s been so long. I was just thinking about Todd today, being February and all…

    And Todd, I miss you brother. Rest in peace.

  2. Anne says:

    I just came upon this while Googling Todd (yes, I still want to know what others are posting of my dear brother!)

    I love the picture shown! We miss him dearly and after visiting his grave site on the 3rd anniversary of his death on Monday it still doesn’t seem real that he’s gone. I’m so thankful time is slowly mending our broken hearts but still don’t know how we’re moving forward. Thanks are owed to God for his constant love and support. We pray for you every night, Todder B.

    Love, Anne

  3. Scott Culver says:

    Todd will always be remembered as a loving brother/son/friend. His hug would crush and re-affirm your faith in mankind. His laugh would warm the heart of the coldest soul. I hold many personal fond memories of Todd….. but he will always be the jovial loving friend so many people miss and hold in their hearts. He would call me out on my judgements…. I’ll never forget the last voice mail you left me Todd. I want to always be a better person based on how you looked at the world. I love you and miss you. I will keep you with me.

  4. Jay V. says:

    It’s February 21st again… has it really been 6 years? I’ve been thinking about Todd all day today, wishing he were here. He was such a great person for me to talk to when I would spend too much time in my own head thinking about the war. I don’t really have anyone else that “got it” like Todd did. Even my other buddies that I was over there with, it’s just not the same. I guess that comes with knowing someone from the age of 7 or 8?

    Rest in peace old friend, and know you are sorely missed.

  5. Shea Vines says:

    I just came across my Empire Records soundtrack and was flooded of memories of Todd from middle school. We went to church together and he was my favorite person at youth group. We were buddies and always had fun together. As I Googled him to see how he was, I found this and burst into tears. I haven’t talked to Todd in 20+ years, but I still remember his smile, laugh and kind nature. I’m so sorry to hear he is gone from this earth.

  6. Jordan Presnell says:

    Forgive my ignorance but I stumbled across this article while searching for an old friend of mine from the Army. Sgt Brissey of D 1-33fa. Can this be the same man? Sgt Brissey was my nco and kept me and my unit safe during operation Iraqi Freedom 2

  7. Bettina L says:

    Hey everybody!
    My name is Bettina and I just found an old photo album from 2001/2002 At my parents house. I apparently kept some letters too and found some from Todd. I always wanted to check out how he’s doing but I never remembered his last name. On the letter I saw it and immediately typed it in my phone. I couldn’t believe it when I found out he died. We didn’t have a close relationship, barely knew each other from the Irish Pub or hanging out with friends. But I always remembered him from being one of the nicest, most polite, most well mannered guys. Always a smile on his face. Just enjoying life. If anyone is in contact with his parents, I think I’d be something that would make them proud- that even after all these years after his death, just random people he met think of him kindly because It was nice to be around such a good guy. He stood out of the crowd with his kindness. What a terrible loss.
    Can anyone tell me what he died from?
    Bettina from Bamberg

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