Micah S Richmond

Micah Richmond

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Wellington, Nevada, US
U.S. Marine Corps
Sergeant, Instructor – Mountain Warfare Training Center
09/05/2008, Nevada, US

Marine Sergeant Micah S. Richmond, age 27, was born January 24, 1981 in Eugene, Oregon.  Micah was killed in an automobile accident, on Friday, September 5, 2008, in Gardnerville, NV.  Micah had been an instructor at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, located in Bridgeport, CA., for the last three years.  This center conducts formal schools for individuals and battalion training in summer and winter mountain operations.   Micah lived in Wellington, NV with his wife Courtney.  Micah grew up the fourth child in the close-knit Richmond family of five children. 

In November 2001, Sergeant Richmond chose to pursue his dream of joining the US Marine Corps.  It was the challenge of the core values of the Marine Corps—Honor, Courage and Commitment– that drew him to volunteer, following his grandfather into the Marines.  Throughout his life, the tougher the challenge, the more interest he had it.  He entered Basic Training at the USMC Recruit Depot, in San Diego, CA and graduated on March 15, 2002.  After Basic Training, he was stationed in Virginia Beach, VA, with the Marine Corps Fleet Anti Terrorist Security Team (FAST).  While in FAST, he was deployed to Bahrain, Iraq and Djibouti (Africa).  In November 2004, he reported to Marine Base Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii for duty with 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines.  While in Hawaii, he was in a motorcycle accident that left him seriously injured and prevented him from leaving with his comrades to Afghanistan.  He was in recovery for about one year.  In November 2005, he reenlisted in the Marines for another four years and was sent to the USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickle Meadows, Bridgeport, California, where he became a Mountain Warfare Instructor.  At Pickle Meadows, Micah went through Formal Instructor School.  Among other things, he was a certified Wilderness First Responder, a certified Military Ski Instructor, Mule Packer, Assault Climber, AIARE Level Two Avalanche Instructor, Summer and Winter Mountain Leader, and Tactical Rope Suspension Technician (TRST), Area Level One Alpine, Rock Climber and Rescue.  Sergeant Richmond has traveled to Alaska, Canada and most recently, to the Swiss Alps for Ex ICE FLIP 08 with the British Royal Marines Mountain Leader Branch.

Micah met his beautiful wife; Courtney, in McMinnville, OR.  They were married on September 15, 2007, in Carson City, NV and the next summer on August 9, 2008, they had a large wedding ceremony in McMinnville, OR.  They honeymooned in Fiji and just 18 days later, Micah passed.

Micah gave his heart to Jesus Christ when he was a young child, then at age 11, he reconfirmed his commitment to the Lord and was baptized.   An incredible athlete, Sergeant Richmond enjoyed rock climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding, skiing, motorcycles, guns, hunting and movies.  Even before Micah was in the Marines, he was an avid skier and snowboarder.  He was quiet– a “man of few words”, but when he did speak, he spoke from his heart.  He usually had an arm around someone nearby and anyone who knew him knew him as a most humble and affectionate man.  He never spoke of himself or of his accomplishments.  He loved his family, was a loyal and dedicated friend and will be sorely missed by all who knew him. 

The following words were spoken by USMC Captain Kinser, on the occasion of Micah’s memorial service, 13 September 2008: “Courage: The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.  Whether he was lead climbing a 1000-foot vertical rock wall on the weekend or leading a group of inexperienced Marines through complex and dangerous terrain at night, Sergeant Richmond lived this tenet both on and off duty.  He often found himself in places where there was no turning back and yet each time that I personally observed, he pushed through with tenacity and focus seldom found in most men.  His ability to courageously overcome life threatening difficulty set him apart from his peers and fully garnered their utmost respect.”

His first memorial service took place in Micah’s hometown, at Bethel Baptist Church, 325 NW Baker Creek Road McMinnville, OR, on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at 10:30 a.m.  Graveside service took place at Hopewell Cemetery, 21600 SE Church Road, Dayton, OR, with full military honors by the United States Marine Corps and the Portland, OR Police Dept.  The Marines also held a beautiful memorial service on Thursday, September 18 at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickle Meadows, Bridgeport, CA.

Micah’s portrait is not yet on a poster


2 Responses to “Micah S Richmond”
  1. Brad and Patti Richmond says:

    Dear Michael G. Reagan,
    We could not believe it when we opened the mailbox to find the Portrait of our son, Micah. Wow! That was fast. We expected it to be weeks or maybe months. We cried then and through the whole process of opening it. We could not even read your note aloud without crying. Then we carefully lifted the packaging to see the Portrait. Ohhh, it is beautiful! You captured his eyes, his ears, his hair, his face.

    The photo that you used is a picture of Micah at his wedding on 09 August 2008. That is why he was in his dress blues. It was at the end of the day and we and our two daughters (Priscilla and Kezia) were leaving to go home. So we quickly snapped a few pictures of Micah, his wife, Kezia, Priscilla and her little daughter, Amelia Joy. We said our good-byes, knowing that Micah and his wife, Courtney would be leaving for their honeymoon to Fiji soon. This was Kezia’s and Priscilla’s last good-bye. They never saw him again. After the honeymoon, he had to return to work as an instructor at the Mountain Warfare Training Center at Pickle Meadow. He was going on an exercise on Mt. Shasta. So, Courtney decided to stay with her family in Oregon for a few more days and meet him back at their home in Wellington, NV, upon his return. The night before she was planning to leave, he was in a most tragic auto accident. She never saw him after they returned from their honeymoon. It happened while we were sleeping. It was not until about 10:00 am the next morning, that two Marines came to our door to tell us what had happened. We had to find Courtney and then go to Priscilla, Kezia, Israel and Caleb (Micah’s siblings), before we contacted Micah’s grandparents. It was the hardest day of our lives. We do believe that Micah is safe in the arms of Jesus—in an amazing place. We anticipate the day when each of us will join him there.

    I say all this to try to tell you that this Portrait will have very special meaning to each member of our family. We are grateful for the digital copy. We plan to make copies for each of Micah’s brothers and sisters for Christmas. The original is at the frame shop even now. It was difficult to leave it there. We told them how very special it was. We had it done like you said and with museum quality glass, so it is like there is no glass.

    There are no words to say how grateful we are for your work of Love. Maybe we will meet you someday and can thank you in person, but until then, thank you and thank you, again, again.

  2. Shane Hargis says:

    I always had huge respect for Micah. He was truly an athlete, man was he fast. We spent many days climbing the walls around Tahoe. Micah was the perfect climbing partner. To lose someone with such an awesome personality is truly a loss. Micah will always be missed.

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