Derek Schicchi

Derek Schicchi

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Spring Hill, Florida, US
U.S. Army
Sergeant, Co D, 1st Bn, 7th Cavalry Regt, 1st BCT, 1st Cavalry Division
07/19/2010, Killeen, Texas

Sergeant Derek Peter Schicchi, 27 of Spring Hill, passed away July 19, while actively serving at the base in Fort Hood, Texas. He served in the United States Navy where he received a honorable discharge. He then enlisted in the United States Army. He served his country proudly in Iraq from August 2007 to January 2008 and from January 2009 to January 2010.

He has received decorations and awards that include: Medals: Army Commendation with one oak leaf cluster, Army Good Conduct, National Defense Service, Iraqi Campaign with the Bronze Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Global War on Terrorism Service, Ribbons: Overseas Service and Army Service.

Memories of Derek from his mother Donna:

At exactly 11:52pm on January 27, 1983, after a little over 7 hours of labor, my hero was born. Only, I didn’t know it yet. I had no idea how easy he would be to raise, how much joy he would bring, and eventually become my hero.

We had him at home; a totally natural birth, and even that was a great experience. Although we were native New Yorkers, we had just moved to Colorado Springs, where Derek was born. We had the best lay midwives in Colorado. It was a perfect birth, and Derek grew to be my perfect son. Well, of course he wasn’t REALLY perfect…..he got into his share of trouble with his brother and sister, but we pretty much don’t think about the negatives about our past history, just the positives, right?

I remember when I was working one year in NY, and it was Christmas Eve. Derek was old enough to cook, and wanted to make our Toll House cookies himself. He wound up calling me around 6 times at work asking various questions on how exactly to bake those cookies. From then on, it was his job to assist me with that task on Christmas Eve. I made him do the hardest part; creaming the butter.

That task has now been passed down to his younger brother, and we did make those cookies this year for the first time in a while.

Not only will the holidays never be happy ones for me, but everyday. I still can’t believe Derek will not be coming home for Christmas leave anymore. It’s just not real.

When Derek was still in high school, he took what they call a “BOCES” class in criminal justice. He did so well, he received a medal. Not only that, but his instructor took the time to call me to tell me that Derek was FBI or CIA material.

Derek was always a sensitive person, from the time he was a toddler to the last time I was with him. He cared about his brothers and sister, and his father and mother. He cared about his friends. He was a natural born leader. They say the good die young. I believe this is true, now. This would be my only source of comfort. I miss you so much, Derek, and will always love you and be the proudest of the proud of you. You know that.

Love, Mom

Framed portrait of Derek along with hand written note to
Derek’s mother Donna from artist Michael Reagan

Derek’s portrait is also on Poster 10


5 Responses to “Derek Schicchi”
  1. Donna Hernandez says:

    I would like the thank Michael for the work he did to honor my son, Derek. His portrait is so real, I feel as if Derek is still with me. I find myself talking to his image. I can not put into words how grateful I am to Michael for doing this for our family.


    Donna Hernandez / Proud Navy/Army Mom of Derek

  2. toni g, american gold star mother says:


    Your son reminds me of mine, I’ll just quote what you perfectly wrote describing your son….
    “my hero was born. Only, I didn’t know it yet. I had no idea how easy he would be to raise, how much joy he would bring, and eventually become my hero.”
    Both of our sons died in August,about one year apart from each other… both stationed at Ft Hood, TX.
    Derek and Frank, two sons who gave their mothers great joy! Two sons who served their country well. You are our heroes.

    Toni Gross
    in memory of Cpl Frank R. Gross killed in action,7/16/2011 Afghanistan OEF

  3. toni g. american gold star mother says:

    January 27th was SGT Derek Schicchi’s 29th birthday, he was born in 1983. Let us never forget this young man…a son…a brother…..a American Patriot, who served his country well.
    Derek, you are missed by many.

  4. joslyn schicchi says:

    Derek. My loving protective brother never let anyone hurt me without him showing them how much he cared for me. He was also a goofball. I remember I had my old IBM laptop playing music in the kitchen. The song “Green light” came on by Andre 3000. Derek started singing aloud making fun of course with the wrong lyrics lol. I love you forever May you rest in peace. Jossi bear

  5. ABRAHAM MORALES says: you are surley least i got to say by when we last talked on the uss george were always so quite..but when i got to know you..we never stop talking…you worked for me in 128/138s.youd always call me when you were in a when it took us 4 hours to find the keys..i rigged the forklift to a chain..we moved about 10 pallets of highly expensive ordanance..somehow we got the keys..we were covered in dirt but gratefull..we hugged and he said you saved me old man..i said lets wash up and go eat Thanksgiving dinner..everyone enjoyed your presence..and you made us all laugh..we even made up our own language using the military i just dont know what else to say…the old man wasnt there to protect you…till i see you again..iyaoyas…

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