Robert W Crow

Robert W Crow

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U.S. Army

Even in grim setting, sergeant could provide comic relief

The Associated Press

Among soldiers with a serious mission, Sergeant Robert Crow Jr. knew how to make colleagues grin. “He was the comic relief of everything,” said Michelle Pippin, whose husband worked with Crow.

Crow, 42, died July 10 at Forward Operating Base Sharana, Afghanistan, after his vehicle struck an improvised explosive device in Paktika. He was assigned to the 203rd Engineer Battalion in Joplin, Missouri, and had previously been deployed to Iraq. The job of his unit was clearing improvised explosive devices from roadways. The soldiers are commonly called sappers.

From Guard headquarters Major Tammy Spicer said The Iraq War veteran had volunteered to drive a specialized device unknown in the civilian world, actually the vehicle that goes out and looks for mines because, “that’s where Sergeant Crow felt he was in best position to protect his fellow service members, his platoon. So this is literally a hero who put himself in harm’s way every day.” Spicer’s adds, “unfortunately, the enemy won this one.”

The battalion’s commander, Lt. Col Anthony Adrian, said those who knew Crow loved him.

“He loved being a Husky operator – he took this self-imposed responsibility very seriously,” Adrian said.

He worked for Missouri Gas Energy and had been employed by Heartland Midwest.

Crow leaves behind his wife Beverly, six children, 13 grandchildren, his father,  brother and  sister. The family in keeping Sergeant Crow’s memory alive and to honor him, has named his 13th grandchild Nevaeh – heaven spelled backward.

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4 Responses to “Robert W Crow”
  1. Beverly Crow says:

    My Wayne…I have a million memories. Each and every one of them will always mean the world to me. What I wouldn’t do to be able to create a million more with you. I will always Love You. I’ll be seeing you. Very proud wife of Sgt. Robert W. Crow Jr., Bev.


    HE is a true hero there is not a day that i do not thank god for all he did to allow me to come home safe to my family and there is not a day i wish i could bring him home with me. Ms Crow he is my hero I loved and will always love him as a brother . spc shaw 203rd en co

  3. spc katie kuzmin says:

    I think of him and how proud I am to say I knew such an amazing person. he was a one of a kind and will always live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew a loved him! I will never forget him I still think of him often and tell people about him and how much he loved to speak his mind but everyone respected him for it. He will never be forgotten we was truely loved by so many.

  4. SSG SMV says:

    Was in trailing convoy that day , we dismounted and searched nearby village for trigger-man, Medic from my gun truck tried to help you and the other guy, i never meet you before but i will never forget you.

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