Jose J Saenz

Jose J Saenz

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U.S. Marine Corps

Sergeant Jose Luis Saenz III was part of the 1st Battalion, 11 Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, 1 Marine Expeditionary Force based in Camp Pendleton, California.   He was serving his first deployment in Afghanistan and had previously deployed with the 15th   Marine Expeditionary Unit to the western Pacific in 2008.   He had already served two tours in Iraq.  Sergeant Saenz was thirty years old when he was killed on  August 9, 2010 supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. 

Jose had a sister and two other sisters and was the oldest of four children.    Joey was born January 27, 1980 in San Antonio, and was a 1999 graduate of Pleasanton High School. While in school he was a varsity football player and was also active in various activities including art and band. He lived in Pleasanton for 15 years and was a member of St. Matthews Catholic Church in Jourdanton.  Joey had many jobs over the years, and it was while working at Wal-Mart that he met his future wife. Joey joined the United States Marine Corps in 2003. He was a hard worker.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps on June 9, 2003.  Jose enjoyed football and fishing and attended every Spurs game that he could.  He was graciously humble, generous and outgoing.   Along with his sisters Jose leaves his wife Christy, and young son Jose.   He is a Purple Heart recipient.  

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  1. Bettina Saenz Salas says:

    There is no one memory that can measure to the last time we were in church together. I was visiting Joey in Oceanside, CA with our mom and my children, his one and only niece Brianna and his nephew Ignacio. We sat together with my mom to his right and i to his left. During the priests homily he nudge at me and grabbed my hand and said “it feels good to be here with you in church. I miss this.” We smiled at each other and squeezed hands.”So why were you always mean to me as kids” he chuckled and whispered. ” I kicked his foot and he kicked back and I reminded him”It’s because you were always mean to me first.” My mom heard us playing and gave us that “quit it or you’ll get pinched” look. It felt like we were 10 years old. God I miss my twin

  2. Jose Luis Saenz says:

    I remember having seen him around Iraq at the same FOB. It was awesome since we shared the same last name so he stood out to me and then found out we shared the same full name. Even months afterwards people would ask me if I had a brother or something in the marines because of the last name(I was army). Sad to hear of his passing, RIP Bro.

  3. Bettina Saenz-Salas says:

    10 years have passed, the pain is dull, kind of like a bruise that won’t heal. A lot has changed but the one thing that remains the same is how much we miss you.All the milestones you couldn’t share with me and the family,all the holidays. Turning 40 this year was sad. I didn’t want to acknowledge our birthday. You weren’t here to share it with me. So I pretended it was another day. No one would let me forget though. Mom and dad visited me at work, our baby sisters sent me flowers, my coworkers made me a cake and somewhere in the midst of my pretending I realized you were there with me. And I smiled.I am still so proud of you and your sacrifice somedays are still hard to grasp your absence. I miss your laughter and hugs. I know one day we’ll meet again. For now, I will miss you and hang on to our memories and always be honored that I am your twin. I miss you Joey. Rest easy my brother. Happy Memorial Day.

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