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Aaron Allmandinger

Mulberry, Indiana, US

United States Army

CPL, Commanche Troop 1-7 CAV

Fort Hood, US, 09/11/2008

Aaron Allmandinger, or Daddy Dinger as he was known to his buddies, was a special individual. He was a wonderful son, brother, nephew, cousin, soldier and Daddy. He lived for his daughter, Taylor. Not long after she was born, he was holding down 3 jobs trying to make ends meet. It was a shock to all of us when he told us he had went and signed up to join the Army. He said he wanted to provide for his child and this was the only way he could.

He left for boot camp and when we went down for his graduation, Aaron was no longer our little son, but he was a man. He and his family left for Fort Hood Texas where he was assigned to the Cavalry Scouts. He loved what he was doing. It took him away from home a lot, but he always found time for Taylor. It was really hard when he left for Iraq.

But he would talk to Taylor by web cam. When he returned home he was so afraid that Taylor would not remember him. But as soon as the crowd thinned out Taylor spotted her daddy and there was no stopping her. There was a special bond between those two that nobody can take away. Up to the day we lost him, he was always trying to make life better for her. She was only 3 1/2 when he died, but Taylor remembers her daddy to this day.

He was a dedicated soldier and there are several soldiers that say they would not have been here if not for Aaron. He is sadly missed, but only the good die young.

Until We Meet Again Bubby

Aaron truly was an American hero. He served his country well, and many people from his unit (1-7) will never forget that piece of their heart that belongs to Aaron. He was a devoted family man, and that is what set him apart from the rest. Never forget the mark he has left on the world, the army, and all of us personally. It is by remembering the good times that we honor his memory and he lives on in all of our hearts.

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Rodney Young, Jr.
Rodney Young, Jr.
16 mai 2022


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