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Abraham Simpson


U.S. Marines


FALLUJAH, IRAQ 11/09/2004

By high school, you could tell what career Abraham Simpson wanted to pursue: The walls of his room were covered with Marine flags and stickers. He didn’t date much because he knew how hard it would be on a girlfriend if he died in combat.

“He wanted to be an influence everywhere he went and he believed God was going to use him in the Marines,” said his mother, Maria Simpson.

Simpson, 19, of Chino, Calif., died Nov. 9 during a firefight in the U.S.-led push into Fallujah. A 2003 high school graduate, he was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

An avid hiker, he arranged to leave for boot camp after taking part in a few important events: Boy Scout camp, a hiking trip in the Sierras and the Eagle Court of Honor ceremonies. After the Marines, he planned to hike the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada. Then he wanted to join the Los Angeles Police Department.

His first dispatch to his parents from Iraq came June 21. “Dear Mom and Dad,” it began. “It’s hard writing you guys because I don’t know what to say. It’s like goodbyes.”

From the mom of a fellow Marine Lyle S. Biggs:

“Lance Corporal Abraham Simpson

“Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful” This was his motto as a Marine Sacrificing for the United States So we can live the American Dream

Abraham was a role model of excellence A son who has made us proud Serving with honor, for a just cause He said terrorism would not be allowed

Putting his life on the line For us, he was willing to fight Protection we sometimes take for granted When we close our eyes at night

He believed God was going to use him Bravely fighting for Iraqi Freedom Killed November 9th in Al Anbar Province His new duty station, God’s Kingdom

With Lance Corporal Abraham Simpson We have lost one of our own Successfully completing his mission It’s his turn to be secure at home

“Always Faithful” to God as a man Abraham sensed his time had come We know his purpose has been fulfilled With love and gratitude, “Well done”

A recent e-mail to family and friends Said he had moved to a better place How very true those words are today Abraham sees God face to face”


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