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Alfonso Ochoa Jr.


LCPL Ochoa was born to Alfonso C. Ochoa, Sr. and Ramona Ochoa. He grew up in Armona and Hanford, and graduated from high school in 2007. He loved sports, history, and animals. He joined the United States Marine Corp on January 13, 2008. Alfonso is married to Blanca Angelica “Angie” Alva Rugerio

LCPL Ochoa is remembered by friends and family for his compassion, devotion and determination to do good for those around him.

LCPL Ochoa sticks out in my mind. … His is one of those stories that I tell other kids when they may be facing some adversity in their life. — Bobby West, high school principal

LCPL Ochoa married his wife, Angie, just weeks before he deployed to Afghanistan.

Alfonso Ochoa was proud for defending our country. He only had 10 more days to come home, but God had another plan. He is truly an American hero to our family and we will never forget him. Alfonso loved family gatherings. He was always respectful and loving to everyone around him. We will miss you. May our Father welcome you home. Carlos Lopez, October 13, 2009

I played soccer with Alfonso in high school great goalie, even better person always had our team pumped an going no matter what he was great… had lots of great times with him not only on the field but off he was a great friend he was always there when u needed him… we will always miss u Alfonso R.I.P. Forever in our hearts….Steven Levario

Alfonso is my hero. I never would of thought this could happen to me. He was a great leader in almost everything and i was confident in him. Alfonso was very competitive. He liked to win and he didn’t really brag. I looked up to him ever since i could reason out what life was. He showed me the ropes to life, and thanks to him I’m a better person – Eve Mendoza

I was in Ochoa’s squad. I just wanted to say that nobody can appreciate what he’s done more than I can. He was one of the best marines I’ve ever met. I thank him every day I’m here, because I have a newborn son. I am deeply sorry for your loss. He was a very good man with a very good heart. He was dependable, and our squad loved him very much. Your family and He will always be in my prayers.

Thank you for giving the world a man like him. LCPL Haines


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