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Anthony J Rosa


U.S. Marine Corps



Vermont has suffered another loss in the War in Afghanistan. A young Marine from Swanton has been killed in the war zone.

“I heard about it this morning. I was like no way. I was really shocked. I actually made another phone call to confirm because I didn’t want to believe it,” said Chris Ste. Marie of Ste. Marie’s Deli & Quick Stop.

Ste. Marie was reacting to the news that Marine Cpl. Anthony Rosa, 20, was killed serving his country in Afghanistan. Everyone called Rosa “Chuckie” around his hometown of Swanton. In high school he worked at Ste. Marie’s Deli and Quick Stop in the heart of the downtown.

“Chuckie was the type of kid even before he joined the service it was yes sir or yes ma’am, very polite kid, down to earth, really well liked by everybody. A lot of friends, one of the popular kids in school, well known throughout the community,” Ste. Marie said.

Ste. Marie says the Corporal’s mother stopped in the other night. She had just heard from her son. He had reportedly been in remote areas of the war-torn country and was unable to talk to his family at home.

“What makes me a little uneasy is a comment she made to me was Chuckie had told her it’s not very good over here,” Ste. Marie said.

Corporal Rosa had asked his mom for some care packages.

“One of his requests was some of the guys in his platoon– their families had never sent them anything; no letters, no care packages. So she was buying stuff for them to honor Chuckie’s wish, he felt bad for them,” Ste. Marie said.

Rosa graduated from Missisquoi Valley Union High School in 2008. He was a member of the golf team. His classmates honored him his senior year in the yearbook, declaring his smile and laugh the best amongst his classmates. His sister still attends the school and being a recent graduate, many remember the young man well. They wrote down what they will miss most about the fallen Marine.

“Amazing smile, true gentleman, amazing personality, truly a hero, will be remembered forever, one person said the sweetest person I have ever known,” Franklin Northwest Supervisory Union Superintendent Jack McCarthy said.

In his yearbook profile, Rosa talked about his future dreams of joining the Marines and becoming a member of the Vermont State Police. A dream cut short.

“Laid down his life for us. It brings that war in Afghanistan very close to home,” McCarthy said.


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