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Augustine Lopez




11/02/1966, (Incident Date 09/27/1966), HOSPITAL SHIP REPOSE

Augustine Lopez, Jr. , known to his friends as Augie, was the first born of eight kids to a poor Mexican family in El Paso, Texas. Through a series of moves to follow his fathers work, they ended up in Seattle, Wa.

Augie was a handsome young man and a sharp dresser , who loved the ladies and the ladies loved him. He went to Shoreline high school , in the Shoreline area of Seattle. He made friends easily, and his best friend in school was Paul Busch. He was always protective of his siblings , at times protecting a younger sis who was sometimes picked on. Augie worked at the local Safeway as a bagger, and would give half of his paycheck to his parents to help buy groceries for the family.

Like many others his age, he was trying to find his way. At the end of his high school senior year in 1965, Augie and his best friend Paul Busch decided to join the Marines. The wanted to serve together. Augie and Paul were Hollywood Marines , going to boot camp at MCRD and Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

When it was time to get shipped to Vietnam, Augie and Paul got split up. Augie ended up with Kilo Company , Third Battalion Fourth Marines. While on patrol on September 27, 1966 during Operation Prairie, Augie was hit in the head by enemy small arms fire. He was put aboard a helicopter and evacuated to the hospital ship Repose. He had such a will to live that he lived for five weeks , even while mortally wounded, turning 20 years old while in a coma. Augie died of his wounds on November 2nd, 1966.

Even in death, Augie was taking care of his family. With the insurance money the family received after his death, his family was able to build a large house to be home for his parents and brothers and sisters.

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