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Brett Browder

Dracula, Georgia, US

U.S. Marine Corps

CPL, 1/6 Alpha Company, 6th Marine Regiment

4/6/2008, Dracula, US

From Bretts Mom:

He was a loving person with a big heart. Started to get into some trouble, but joined the Marines on his own and they straightened that out real quick. OOH RAH! Anyway, he NEVER failed to give me a hug. A week before he was killed, he was at home. When he arrived, I had been waiting for him at the front door. He jumped out of his truck and ran to me, picked me up and swung me around and around in the front yard. He was never embarrassed to show his love for his family. He has 3 brothers. One of which is now a Marine. He is missed by many. His friends, (Marine and civilian) still check on us from time to time. I miss him so much it hurts. I know that will never go away. As Christians, I know that he is in Heaven with my dad (and Jesus of course) and know that one day I have the assurance of seeing him again. Thanks for what you do and may God Bless!

He was a loving son, brother, grandson and friend. He will be remembered by his friends and family as a strong man that deeply loved those around him. Brett loved his home state of Georgia and was an avid Braves fan. His friends and family will dearly miss his smiling face and fun-loving personality.


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