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Brock H Chavers


A Bulloch County family is remembering a hero, beloved son, and brother who was killed in action in Afghanistan.

Sergeant Brock Chavers of the Georgia National Guard died when an IED exploded Monday. He was assigned to the Americus company D, 2nd Battalion, 121st Infantry Division.

Chavers was one of six children and being in the military was a family affair. He followed in the footsteps of two of his older brothers by joining the National Guard, and his youngest brother just finished basic training for the Army.

His mother says Brock was the most giving person you would ever meet.

“He would give you anything. I don’t care if it was new or, you know, he had it, if you needed it, he would say well I’ll get another one,” said Loice Chavers.

She says he loved to play practical jokes and make people happy.

“He had a real good heart, and he loved life and to live, and I’m glad he did because his life as so short. If he hadn’t have lived, you know, it would’ve been harder. But you know Brock enjoyed life” she said.

She says the outpouring of support from friends is helping her grief.

“So many people, you know, ask me what they can do, and tell me about Brock and what kind of person he was. I mean, it’s just overwhelming, because I knew we loved him but you know I didn’t know that they loved him, too” said Loice Chavers.

One of those friends is Bill Rogers, who taught Chavers in the Junior ROTC program at Portal High School.

“He was an outstanding young man. He was one of my leaders. He volunteered for additional stuff, duties. He wanted to make the unit better and he wanted to be better” said Rogers.

Rogers says Chavers’ death is a big loss for the community.

“I was shocked, because I spoke to him right before he left to go over there. And it, just first it’s disbelief, and I’m thinking you know it can’t be,” said Rogers.

With three other children in the military, Loice Chavers says she’s trying to stay strong.

“I’m hoping they come back safe, but if they don’t, I just ask the Lord to make me strong to deal with it. Because I’m not the only one, there’s a lot of other parents, you know, families, going through the same thing” she said.

Sergeant Chavers is survived by his wife and three year-old son. His wife is actually in the same National Guard unit.


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