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Bryant J Luxmore

New Winsor, IL, US

U.S. Army


06/10/2012, KANDAHAR, Afghanistan

CPL Bryant Jordan Luxmore was born on November 3, 1986 in New Windsor, Illinois. He was a keen athlete having played football and baseball, and an enthusiastic academic student. BJ graduated from Sherrard High School in 2005. CPL Luxmore attended Monmouth College, and was graduated from Illinois College in 2009. He continued his baseball career at the collegiate level.

In April 2011, Bryant entered the US Army. And in 2011, CPL Luxmore was married to Jaimie Lower on October 8. Bryant deployed to Afghanistan in April 2012. Tributes to CPL Luxmore keep him alive in the hearts of family, friends and fellow service members. In his Aunt Beth’s entry she speaks to CPL Luxmore inviting us to learn about and know him just a little.

November 01, 2012

Beej- Happy Birthday- Nov 3! So many, yet too few years to celebrate. You would be so proud, yet so humbled with the honor, the recognition, and the love that has surfaced with your sacrifice. We would give anything to have you here with your family and friends. And you have opened up a new world for us all- though so painful without you here to share. Your Mom and Dad are unbelievable- front and center in every aspect to carry on your open heart to all. Your lovely Best Friend and Wife, Jaimie- love of you abounding in every imaginable aspect. She is touching your friends from years ago and those that were new in your life- filling the void they all are challenged with- and most important, taking such great care, patience, and love of your son, Lane- or known as Lanie by Aunt Beffie!! And Bro Brock- wanting to be strong for all- misses you so much! He and your fav Mel will bring a new Lux into the Love for you to see from above!! We miss you BJ!! Love you. Aunt Beth.

And on November, 2014 this entry appeared on CPL Luxmore’s Facebook page.

Two years too many since you left that day Too hard to find the right words to say How much we miss you each and every day. Your love guides us every step of the way As we know you wish for us to be okay. You are remembered in so many wonderful ways For the sacrifice of your life you had to pay Two years too many…feels like yesterday. Love and Miss you Beej…..

There is a fund established to remember CPL Luxmore. It’s amazing work and purpose is evident on the Facebook page that continues to honor CPL Luxmore. The Bryant J. Luxmore Memorial Fund was created as a means of giving back to local charities and organizations, and to ensure that our brave soldier’s name and memory continues to live on in a way that honors his character and integrity.


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