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Christian M. Pike


CTTC Christian M. Pike was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1981, thousands of miles from American shores. He discovered at an early age he was part of a family that had a distinguished legacy of service in the United States military. Perhaps the most significant influence was his mother Diana who spent over a decade in the U.S. Army’s cryptologic service.

Christian’s mother’s duty assignments took the family to Vint Hill Farms, Warrenton, VA, Fort Meade Maryland, and Peoria, AZ.  At Peoria High School, Christian pursued a variety of hobbies and interests including cars and ceramics. After graduation in 2000, he went delayed entry into the United States Navy in 2001.

Chief Pike was a highly trained specialist whose job it was to use a wide range of cryptologic skills to gain critical intelligence on enemy activity. In everything he did in life Christian exhibited a passion for his work. His efforts played a critical role in helping his unit achieve their objectives and save lives.

Chief Pike’s friend, PO John P. Goodson, noted that “He knew how to get the best out of someone.”

Christian remained true to his family’s history of service and sacrifice. His devotion to fellow service members and the traditions of the United States Navy never faltered. His was a life exemplified by honor, devotion to duty, and the extraordinary joy he brought to his family and friends.

Diana Pike noted with great pride that her son had “led a life he chose. He was so happy. And happiness is all any mother would want for her children…. He loved his job, he loved the Navy, and he loved his teammates.”


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