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Christopher D Horton


U.S. Army



Specialist Horton was born on October 1, 1984 in Tulsa, OK. to David and Cherie Horton. He has a brother, Nicholas, and a sister, Tenley. He is married to Jane Horton. The two met in New York City. Before enlisting in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 2008, Christopher graduated from the Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, MO. Chris was an exceptional cadet. During his time with the Oklahoma National Guard, he became an infantryman, was SWAT certified, and sniper qualified, and graduated at the top of his class. Chris was a professionally sponsored shooter, a business owner and a volunteer police officer. Chris also loved baseball and had aspirations of trying out for the minor league.

Chris was passionate and dedicated to politics and conservative values. He was politically active and worked on a variety of campaigns on national, state and local levels throughout the US. Specialist Horton was extremely patriotic and passionate about America and the freedoms we love and enjoy.

“He was the best big brother I could have ever asked for. He taught me how to drive a car, how to fish,” explained Nick Horton. Nick recalls a big brother who was fearless and fiercely patriotic. He added that Christopher didn’t really say the words I love you, but “the last few days I could tell that he meant that, even if he didn’t say it. I could tell. It was just nice to know. I’m glad that he knew that I loved him. And it was really nice to know that he loved me back,” Nick said.

Jane Horton explained that Specialist Horton always put his country first, and now her first priority is his legacy. As the wife of a fallen soldier Jane Horton is determined to honor her husband’s sacrifice. “He was the most honorable man I’d ever met in my life.”

Jane Horton was making her husband’s birthday care package when she was notified about Specialist Horton’s death.

“My heart is for him. He was only 26. He had a great life ahead of him. He was a patriot and wanted to serve his country so much. And that’s my focus right now is to honor him the best way I can,” Jane said.

Two digital Lamar billboards have a message from Jane Horton about her fallen soldier reminding drivers not to forget his sacrifice. This was posted on Specialist Horton’s Facebook page.

Drivers heading eastbound along the I-44 crossing over 177th East Avenue will pass by a Lamar digital billboard on their right that has a special message from a Collinsville soldier’s, stating “My husband, your fallen hero.”

The picture on the billboard, next to the written message, is of Specialist Horton and Jane Horton on their wedding day in 2008. Jane Horton learned about the organization called, “Operation Never Forget” that posts pictures of fallen soldiers on billboards with their loved ones. This way, Jane explained “they are more than just soldiers; they are husbands, fathers, mothers, wives, sons, or daughters to drivers.”

“I was driving home from work, and it was one of those moments where I just had to pull over,” said a friend of Jane Horton’s, Nancy Phelps. She knows Jane’s story and befriended her on Facebook. When Phelps saw the sign on the road she could not continue driving.

“Actually seeing it right in front of you,” described Phelps, “I was just taken by it and I pulled over and just reflected a little. I think it was every gamut of emotion a person has; such pride. I was honored, humbled, deeply saddened.”

“If what I saw that day just flashed in my mind forever, then I am going to always be able to remember that moment,” said Nancy Phelps.


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