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Christopher D Mabry

Chunky, MS, US

U.S. Marine Corps


04/07/2004, AL ANBAR PROVINCE, Iraq

A care package was on its way to Iraq. It was filled with Pop-Tarts, M&Ms, trail mix, other treats and a few practical items for PFC Christopher Mabry. Included in the parcel was a birthday card for Christopher who was about to be 20 on April 29th.

“He wanted me to send him stuff that he could share with the other Marines. He was an exceptional person,” explained his grandmother, Frances Mabry.

PFC Christopher Dale Mabry, 19 deployed to Iraq in February, just months after becoming a Marine. He signed up for enlistment during his senior year in high school at Clarkdale Attendance Center. Bubba Hathorn, the high school track and football coach explained that PFC Mabry strove to be the best. He and his teammates were proud of Christopher when he placed second in the 400 meter sprint at a high school track meet in 2002. But PFC Mabry wasn’t satisfied with the race and commented, “I want to be the best.” It was his nature to try be number one in whatever he did. And PFC Mabry was an honors student at Clarkdale.

In 2002, as a senior defensive back, PFC Mabry led the football team to a district championship. The Clarkdale Bulldogs made their first appearance at the state playoffs. Coach Hathorn added that Christopher was the player everyone looked up to.

“He was the leader of the team,” said Spencer Robinson, a football player on PFC Mabry’s team two years ago. “Everyone followed him. He was the hardest worker in the weight room and the most energetic athlete.”

“I’m not surprised with the turnout,” describing the funeral service for her grandson, Frances Mabry. She had raised Christopher from the age of 4. “I know he’s proud of all these people being here. There were a lot of military representatives here, too. I know Chris is happy about that.”

PFC Mabry’s aunt has written several times in his guest book expressing the pain of missing her nephew: Dear Chris, there is not a day goes by that i do not think of you in some way. You have the love and protection of God’s hand for all eternity. Love always, Aunt Frankie Frankie Parker, Lexington, SC

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” John Quincy Adams


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