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Christopher E Mason


Corporal Christopher Mason was thirty-two when he was killed during an intense enemy fire attack on his military vehicle. He died on November 28, 2006 doing exactly what he knew he had been called to do.  His father sensed that Chris was in peril during the time of the enemy attack.  Chris was unusually outgoing and passionate about whatever he tried.

While a student at Baker High School, he became the school mascot, donning a 6-foot hornet costume for game-night. He was an Alabama man who craved adventure and when friends went into bull-riding, he went for being a rodeo clown. 

Chris was also a Christian with a very deep and very strong faith in God.  He was known by his fellow soldiers for his sage and healing counsel to them.  Those who knew Chris knew that he could not stay on the sidelines and watch other Americans fight and die for his freedom.  He knew that he must actively step in to do what he thought was right.

For this family, Memorial Day is more than a long weekend vacation, and as their neighbors get lost in celebrating with their families, this family has one request. “Stop and remember! Stop long enough to remember the men and women who have given their lives for this nation. They don’t expect this country to come to a stop. The reason they done that is so you can continue to live your life as you’re living it now, as I’m living my life.”

Thankfully for the internet many video clips of Chris can be viewed and these all attest to Chris’s charismatic, strong, determined and noble persistence and belief that God was his Defender and Strength.  On February 1, 2007, in a handwritten letter, President George W. Bush authorized this quote to be placed upon Chris’s headstone.  The quote matches Chris’s determination and faith as it says: “We will Not Tire, We Will Not Falter, And We Will Not Fail.”

Chris’s father notes that there are few men who will pick up a weapon and fight for this country, and Chris was one of those few.  Chris died on the battlefield, not backing up, or looking for a place to hide.  He was moving forward into the fight.

Chris joined the Army because of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, had been at peace with the possibility that he could be killed, said his brother, Garland Mason III.

Chris’s brother also serving in the Army when Chris died, notes that Chris considered that his life was complete because of his deep relationship with Christ. Because of this belief,  he was not afraid of dying, and he liked being in Iraq and helping the people, He was born to go and serve  and  die there.


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