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Chris E Loudon


U.S. Army


BAGHDAD, IRAQ 10/17/2006

Second Lieutenant Chris Loudon was adventurous as a child, fearless, and always wanted to be in the Army and lead men in battle. Throughout high school, he had a broad spectrum of interests, from soccer, tennis, and wrestling to singing in musicals and participating in marching band. He was very intelligent, always finding something new to learn about and to teach others about. He always looked for a challenge and encouraged others to expand their minds and horizons every moment of every day.

Chris exhibited great integrity and character, always doing the right thing no matter how hard it was, and stood up for what he believed in. He excelled in the ROTC program at Slippery Rock University, leading the Ranger Challenge his senior year of college. He continued to use his skills in all of his training once he was commissioned into the Army.

Chris was a great father and son. He strived to be an excellent son and used the great examples set by his parents to be a wonderful father to his daughter, Isabel. He also tried to be a great example to his younger brother, and looked up to his older brother, who is also an Army officer.

Chris was an amazing husband; supportive, loving, attentive, and all-around outstanding. He was a man I was proud to have as my other half when facing this world, a man I’m still proud to tell people about. He was just the greatest person I’ve ever known. He didn’t hesitate to help someone out and he just had a sense of justice about him and always did what was right. I say that as though it’s a novel idea, which it isn’t – I know a lot of people that do the right thing when faced with a decision. But what always impressed me about the man I loved was that he was 22 when we met and even then he’d do what was right instead of what was popular. It’s one of the many things I try to emulate. I think that’s about all I have to say. He was just truly the other half of me and life is not the same without him.

He loved his job and was doing exactly what he always wanted to do. I have every confidence that he would have continued to excel as an Army officer and inspire others to do great things in life.

Chris exhibited everything you want in a husband, a friend, a father, a son, and a Soldier. There is a void in this world without him. He is missed so terribly much.


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