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Clint J Storey


Clint was born February 27 1976 at 11:57 PM to Clint Edward and Carolyn Storey. He was raised and went to school in Enid, Oklahoma. He participated in sports from grade school through high school, football and basketball mostly. He always had lots of friends.

Clint was always a leader never a follower, but he could be a handful growing up. My fondest memory of him is when he was around 8 years old. It was Mothers Day and he had gone to our neighbors (a friend of ours) and asked her to help him make me a breakfast. He brought it to me on a tray, flower in a glass included. I love my baby boy so much.

When Clint was a junior in high school, he decided he wanted to join the army so he did, but before the year ended he lost his dad in a tragic auto accident, and he lost it ,quit school got a little wild, got into normal teenage troubles for awhile.

He had a girlfriend that joined the air force, and when he went to her graduation, Clint was so impressed he decided to turn his life around. He got a GED and fought to get into the Army. He joined in September of 1997, and left on February 10th 1998 for Fort Hood Texas. That must have been the saddest day in my life at the time. Then he trained in Ft Knox Kentucky.

He wrote to me as often as he could and really tried to sound brave and tough, but I could read between the lines that he was so homesick and missed his friends a lot.

He met and married Melissa Wrann at Fort Hood in 2000 and they were stationed in Manhatten, Kansas for awhile. They had a baby girl in June of 2002. Adela was Clint’s pride and joy. He went on to become a recruiter for 3 years out in Los Angeles California, ,but he hated that job because he always wanted to be on the front line. He got his chance when he was deployed to Iraq in January of 2006.

He was a proud soldier. He loved doing what he did, and that brings me some peace.

In July of 2006 they hit a roadside bomb. He survived that one but he had an injured knee and was on crutches. Two weeks later, on August 4th 2006, while still on crutches they were out on patrol and they hit another roadside bomb in Ramadi Iraq. My son gave his life that day for our freedom. The hardest thing I had ever done in my life was to bury my baby boy. He left behind a sister, a wife, a 4 year old daughter, his mom, tons of friends and relatives and an unborn son who will love and miss him very much always. His son, Clint Joseph Storey the 2nd, was born 1 day before what would have been Clint’s 31st birthday. He will live in our hearts forever and will never be forgotten.

Clint had a place in Arlington National cemetery but I chose to bury him here in his hometown of Enid. Having him here has helped me to cope. It’s been almost 4 years and the pain is still there


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