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Cody J Eggleston


Cody was born Sept. 17, 1987, in Eugene. Cody was a spirited young man who loved adventure and being out in the wilderness fishing, hunting and camping. He was especially excited when his father relocated the family to Alaska in the early 90s. Only 4 years old at the time of the move, Cody enjoyed the long drive up the Alaska Highway being with the two people he loved the most, his dad and his younger sister, Amber. Cody was very protective of his younger sister and was always there to provide her support.

Private First Class Cody J. Eggleston of Eugene, Oregon was a 2007 graduate of North Eugene Alternative High School. He was a film buff, enjoying movies of all genres, from kid films to action adventures and old Westerns. He could even recall the lines of some of them, since he had watched them so many times. Cody had a knack for seeing the bright side and sharing his upbeat perspective with others. On Sept. 18 2008 he shipped out for Iraq, where he served as a second gunner in a Humvee. C.J. died at age 21 in Bethesda, Maryland, of wounds suffered on October 16 in Baqubah, Iraq, when he received indirect fire. He was preceded in death by his Grandfather, Kenneth Stock.

Cody made the decision to join the Army when he was 19 and was excited to be back in Alaska and stationed at Fort Wainwright. The year before he was deployed was pivotal for Cody. It was during this time that he met the love of his life, Karie Alford. Cody and Karie were married on June 7, 2008, in a quaint ceremony at the Chena Hot Springs Ice Hotel. His best buddy served as his best man. As Cody’s love for Karie grew, his love for life also grew. He was looking forward to the day when his service for his country was over and he could start his life with his new wife and stepdaughter, Raegen. Cody wanted to follow in his father in-law’s footsteps and become a highway patrol officer in North Carolina.

Cody will always be remembered for his gentle, caring personality, quick wit, infectious laugh and smile with deep dimples. He was always willing to help out and loved to help prepare meals. He would always boast with his great smile that he was the best prep cook ever! His family is touched and comforted by the compassionate care his wife provided him until the end.


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