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Cody Towse


U.S. Army



Bronze Star Recipient, Specialist Cody James Towse, was killed in action in Afghanistan on May 14, 2013, while in the service of his country and fellow soldiers. After a roadside explosive hit members of his unit, Cody rushed in to provide aid to the injured soldiers. He was then hit by a larger, secondary explosion. Cody died while trying to save his Army brothers.

Cody was born on Mother’s Day, May 8th, 1992 in Pasadena, CA and moved to Utah with his family as a young child. Cody was always mature beyond his years, with a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish in his life and the drive to make it happen. He was adventurous and always up for a dare; he loved riding his long board and motorcycle, and was well known for his intelligent, off-beat, dry sense of humor.

Cody loved classic cars, classic rock, and shopping for vintage clothing at D.I. with his dad. He was also passionate about America and American history, which influenced his decision to join the military

Cody loved helping others and became an EMT on his 18th birthday. He worked as a volunteer firefighter and EMT for Elk Ridge City. He loved being a “First-Responder” and people remember him as always being the fastest to arrive at the scene. His parents fondly remember an occasion when Cody was so determined to respond to a call that he coasted to the scene of the accident on his motorcycle because it had run out of gas. He was confident and competent in his work as an EMT and medic, and had aspirations to become a Life-Flight Medic.

Cody graduated from Salem Hills High School in 2010 and joined the Army shortly thereafter, choosing the Army because they assured him a position as a medic. He completed Basic Training at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, where his father Jim, proudly attended the graduation ceremony. Cody then trained as a medic in San Antonio, TX, and afterwards, was stationed at Fort Bliss, TX until he was deployed to the Kandahar region of Afghanistan in December of 2012. Once in Afghanistan, Cody helped to train the Afghan medics in life-saving procedures. He went on patrols twice a day every day, and loved what he did. He became known to the local residents as the “Candy Doctor,” as he loved giving candy to the Afghan children. For his 21st birthday, Cody asked only that his parents send him candy to give to the children.

Cody is survived by James Towse (father), Jamie Christiansen Towse (mother), Will Spencer Towse (brother), Callen Brook Towse (sister), Christian Paul Towse (brother), as well as a loving extended family, including his grandmother Dorothy Christiansen, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He is also survived by his brothers of the 3rd Battalion, 41st Infantry Reg., 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored division. We wish to honor his fellow fallen soldiers, Sergeant First Class Jeffrey C. Baker, Specialist Mitchell Kirk Daehling, and Specialist William Joseph Gilbert. We offer our prayers, honor and gratitude to these injured brothers who survived the attack.

Cody was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents, Ken Towse, US Navy and Maxine Ruth Johnson, and his maternal grandfather, C. Paul Christiansen, US Army.


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