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Daniel Mccall


Daniel once said his heroes were “Jesus, my Grandfather, my Wife, the Men I work with.”

Daniel Lee McCall’s mother, Petra McCall, lived in Flint when he was born in 1982 and moved when he was just a toddler. He later lived with his grandparents Marvin “Duke” and Liane McCall in Florida where he graduated from Pace High School in 2001.

Daniel McCall of Pace, Fla., was a star athlete in high school, playing football and running track. He came in second in the 400-meter run in the state championship track meet. He was described as a happy-go-lucky kid that could run forever and run fast. He was loved by all who met him and his smile would brighten up a room the moment he entered. He never complained or had a negative comment to say about anyone. Daniel, a high school athlete who set track records, joined the military in 2004 to get back on track in life.

The Army soldier met the love of his life, Brittnay, a Holland, Mich. native, while stationed at Ft. Bragg while training in Special Forces and she worked at a local sports bar. They married in April of 2006.

Brittnay McCall said her husband was her soul mate, with “the biggest brightest smile” and always a jokester — one time even getting in trouble for making others laugh at church. He was just an awesome husband and soldier, just doing anything to make me happy. He was a hard worker and loved what he did. We never got off the phone or the Internet without saying how much we loved and missed each other. He’d always say ‘I love you more than anything in this world.’ I felt the same way.”

The couple talked every day, often online, after he was sent to Iraq in March but she saw him for the first time on a Web camera just two weeks before he died. “I got butterflies in my stomach,” she said. “You realize how much you love someone when you see them after being away from them.”

They last talked about splurging on a nice hotel in Atlanta for a romantic getaway when he came back on leave in mid-December and visiting family over Christmas.

Daniel will always be remembered by his beloved family; his wife-Brittnay McCall,; his loving mother- Petra McCall,; grandparents-Marvin “Duke” and Liane McCall,; two uncles-Dr. Robin (Dr. Donna) McCall, and Billy McCall; and his mother-in-law-Ms. Susan Koning.

Daniel’s accomplishments while serving his country include: Combat Life Savers Training, Sniper School, Warrior Leaders Course, Airborne School and Special Forces Training. Daniel’s medals for service are the Purple Heart, Parachute’s Badge, Combat Infantryman Badge, Bronze Star Medal, ARCOM, AGCM, NDSM, ICM, GWTSM, and ASR.


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