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Daniel Różyński

Poland Polish Army 1st Lieutenant, 16th Air Assault BN, 6th Air Assault Brigade

9/12/2004, Al Hillah, Iraq

Daniel Różyński (born January 18, 1980 in Gdansk , died September 12, 2004 in Al-Hilla ) – Polish soldier, Lieutenant of the Polish Army, was killed during the execution of task III of the Polish Military Contingent in Iraq. His fast-paced reaction team, along with a squad of sappers and a group of Iraqi army soldiers, was shot down by the rebels while taking the alleged IED , which turned out to be just a bait. In the ambush were also killed by Piotr Mazurek and St. Grzegorz Nosek. Three other Polish and Iraqi soldiers were seriously wounded, another six lightly wounded. The attack was organized by one of the militant groups of the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

He was posthumously awarded the 2012 Iraq Star . In 2013, in the village of Brodnica his name was named street.

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