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Darrel E. La Fevre




10/31/1968, QUANG TIN, VIETNAM

SGT Darrel Eugene La Fevre was born April 29, 1948 in Buffalo, OK. Shauna Jordan describes her brother: We will always love and miss him. He was the kindest most loving older brother. I don’t ever recall a cross word from him. He looked after us 5 younger siblings without complaint. He loved baseball & was good at it, Loved his black car that he kept spotless. Was kinda quiet, was a hard worker, quit school to work with daddy pipe lining for a bit, then enlisted in the Army when he turned of age. He was our Hero long before Vietnam and so much more….

I always thought you died alone in some far away place knowing no one. I couldn’t have been more wrong. We have yet to meet in person the ‘Brother’ whose arms you died in. Have had conversations and can’t wait to hold him as he did you. What a wonderful thing to have for some closure. Your friend Tim and a few others have been so good to us leading us through this Journey we began in 2004. They are your family as much as we are. You were among some great men while you were away. I know you are still among a lot of great ones where you are to.

October 31st marks that dreadful day we will never forget. 46 years gone and it still feels like yesterday. That black car in the driveway when I was called back from school after lunch. Mom leaning against the kitchen cabinet, tears streaming down her face. Her stepping towards me to hold me then bravely telling me in an unshakable voice, trying to be strong for me, that you were gone. God Bless any Mother who should endure such anguish n pain. I don’t recall much after that other than that numb endless week we had to wait to get you back home to us where you belonged. And the cemetery. Those gun sounds. I still shiver. As the years have passed, bits n pieces come to me of that time. And over the years a lot of the good times we’ve laughed & shared. But those memories can’t be remembered without leading me back to one thing….you are gone. We loved you so much and we know we were loved by you. You will forever be with us. R.I.P Dear Brother. You are among many bright shining stars we call Heroes. We look up on those starry nights and feel you beside us….and we can smile again… Posted 10.20.2014 by Shauna Jordan, daughter

In 1968 I was 11 years old. With Buffalo, OK being such a small town I would guess that Darrel and I had met but, if this is the case, I don’t remember it. What I do remember is his headstone appearing at the High Point Cemetery. I remember my mother explaining to me, with much respect and sadness in her heart and voice, who Darrel was and that he had been killed in the war. Her respect and sadness made it’s way into my own heart on that day and has remained ever since. Through the years I have met many, many men who served in the Viet Nam war and have respected each one of them for their service to this country. But until I left, graduated in 1977, I had only known, or known of, two of the men who were willing to fight in a war for me. I was young and I took it very personally. My Brother-in-law, Tom Cunningham (who survived the war) and my hometown hero, Darrel La Fever. To me, these two men were my personal guardian angels. One had given his life for me. More than 40 years later, as I visit my hometown and make that yearly trek up the hill to the cemetery where one can stand to survey the town below, I stand at the headstone of a man who died for me and for everyone else in his hometown, his state and his country. I still take it very personally and I still stand there with sadness and respect in my heart. I whisper, “Thank you Darrel” and I mean it from the depths of my soul. Posted:10.25.2014 Posted by: Patti Page DeRyckere

“Peace to each manly soul that sleepeth; Rest to each faithful eye that weepeth….” ~ Thomas Moore


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