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Darrel L Enos


U.S. Navy



Petty Officer 1st Class Darrel L. Enos, a 36-year-old hospital corpsman, was one of two Americans killed during a “green-on-blue attack” when an Afghan policeman turned his newly issued gun on the troops he was supposed to work alongside.

“He was a good doc,” Dale Enos said of his brother. “He saved a lot of lives when he was over there. … I’m going to miss him. I already do.”

A Mitchell High School graduate, Darrel Enos grew up near Palmer Park and Powers Boulevards long before a Walmart appeared near this intersection. The empty fields and Sand Creek provided the perfect playground for the twin boys. Darrel bucked family tradition and joined the Navy — for what seemed like no other reason than “everybody else was in the Army,” Dale Enos explained. Darrel Enos found his calling serving as a medic for Marines.

Darrel had deployed multiple times to combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Between deployments, he nurtured a growing family with his wife, Andrea, in their North Carolina home. They were raising 6 children.

Ode to the Medic by Gary Jacobson September 2005

Ode to the medic, who never stood so tall As when bending to help brothers who by enmities anger fall For these combat physicians feel the spirit of duty’s call To administer aid in succor to those in suffering pain To comfort in solace those whose souls nagging battle stain Regardless of man’s wind and fire and pouring rain. A medic ministers tender relief mid battle’s distresses Holds a brother’s hand in soothing caresses Praying withering fire for one moment be suppressed Applying a healer’s hands to mend the sore oppressed Feeding a brother’s soul in times by the angel’s blest Helping God guide a dying brother to his final rest.


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