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Davy N Weaver


Being a soldier was Davy’s passion. He was born February 8, 1969 to Mrs. Patsy Rabuck and Mr. Emory Weaver. He has two sisters, Cynthia and Jessica, a brother, Emory J., and a step-father, Skip Rabuck. Growing up as a Cub Scout, then a Boy Scout, then Eagle Scout, he fell in love with the military. And love ruled his life ever since. He wanted to serve his country any way he could, even if it meant giving up his life for it. On May 18, 2008 in Afghanistan, it did.

Davy loved the outdoors, golf, computers, riding motorcycles, and was a saxophone player. His nickname was “Boomhower.” His wife, Kathy, and three beautiful children, Bradley, Malachi, and Ella cherished him and he doted on them. They are miracles walking, smiling, and honoring him in the way they live their lives. He wrote to them and shared how much he loved them and talked of all the good work he was doing and why it was important that he was away from them. They can be proud of the example he set in his dedication and care for his fellow soldiers, the people and especially the children of Afghanistan. In particular, during a humanitarian aid mission, Davy was observing the Afghan Army passing out aid to the families of that poor area. He saw a small child standing well away from the other children who hadn’t gotten any of the toys or shoes that had been passed out. So he walked back and got a small stuffed animal from his bag. Davy walked over to the little girl to lean down and give her the stuffed animal, but she was afraid at first. After awhile she came over and eventually took the small stuffed animal from him. Then he gave her a blanket and other supplies as well, because she didn’t have a family to care for her. Every time Davy visited the village after that he always checked on her, and although she would not go to any other soldier, she gladly went to speak with Davy and always had the small stuffed animal with her.

He was described as an asset to the United States Army, and one of the best soldiers. He loved being a defender for his country. He volunteered to spend extra time in Afghanistan when he heard there were personnel shortages. He previously served in Iraq and Bosnia and survived previous attacks. Regardless, he still took active part in all of his teams’ missions. Not only did he give his life for our country, he did so for his fellow soldiers, who were always to his right and his left. Master Sergeant Davy Nathaniel Weaver earned the Army’s Combat Infantry Badge in 2007 and the honor of having Highway 36 East in Lamar County, Georgia renamed for him after his death. He was a member of the Georgia National Guard’s 48th Brigade and we salute him. Thank you for your service and we will always remember you.


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