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Dustin P. Campbell



11/04/2013, OREGON, U.S.A.

Dustin Paul Campbell was born October 9, 1987 in Salida, CO. He grew up in Goldendale, WA and moved to Lyons, OR in 2001. Dustin achieved so much in a short period. He had roots in Australia as a dual citizen and met his extended family on a visit to Australia in 2004. After graduating from Stayton High School, he struggled for a short period before he found his path in life.

He attended Chemeketa College and joined the Air Force but neither was to be his path, however, he always made friends and formed lasting relationships along the way. Dustin joined the Lyons Fire District in 2010. Although his stay was short, just over a year, the bonds he formed with LRFD remains strong today. He moved to Salem in 2012 and joined Marion Country Fire District, however his commitment to finding work and long travel to the same prevented him from staying.

Dustin loved people and life. He was a kind person with a crazy sense of humor, which always brought a smile to the faces of those around him. In recent years he discovered Line Dancing. He became popular with his wit, charm and fancy moves on the dance floor. It was on the dance floor that he met Shannon Fuchs. Shannon and Dustin were sharing a life together along with a rescued rabbit. He loved animals. He loved that rabbit however more than anything he loved Shannon.

After struggling through a down economy he found a job and worked hard. He brought a smile to the face of those who shared the day with him at A&I Distributors. Dustin was on his way, a true success story. Someone so loved by his family and the people he met. Dustin was maturing into a fine young man, independent, responsible and very caring. He left too soon to start the next leg of his journey.

Dustin leaves behind his parents, Dwight and Carmel Campbell, brother Matthew Campbell and his sweetheart Shannon Fuchs. He also leaves behind his extended family in Australia, Chris, Joan-Mary, Kai and Teah Pantano and many friends.


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