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George D. Slye

Ottumwa, Iowa, US

U.S. Army

SSGT, 1st and the 9th Calvary

5/2/1970, Cambodia

This is a picture of my Handsome Dad – SSGT George Dale Slye. He was only 29 years old when he was killed. He was with the 1st and the 9th Calvary. He was flying in a Low Bird scouting the area when his helicopter took on enemy fire. Two other warriors lost their lives that day, Lt. Brewer and SF4 Cororna.

He was born in Ottumwa, IA to Loren and Mildred Slye. He met my Mother Karla in Germany and they proceeded to have 5 children together. My mother never got over the loss of her man. She kept his spirit very alive for all of us kids. I’m so proud of my Dad for his sacrifice, but at the same time I am so saddened that I never got to know him. I am the 4th child, and was only 5 at the time. I have no memories of my Father. I miss him so much, even though he has been gone for so long. Stories I hear from my Aunts and Uncles about my Father tell me that my Father was quite the thrill seeker. Now I know where my brother gets it! We were living in Tacoma, WA when my father was killed. I believe this was his second tour in Vietnam.

I’ve recently made contact with a man that was in the same unit as my Father. He tells me that my Father had an argument with his commanding officer and transferred to another unit only to be killed 3 days later. This man tells me that my Father was a great leader and friend. He makes me so proud!

Jacqueline K. Jackson (Proud Gold Star Daughter)


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