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Greg Braun

Milwaukee, WIS, USA

U.S. Army

SGT, Wisconsin National Guard

3/6/2006, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Greg Braun served as an Army Ranger in Kosovo and Iraq. He passed away on March 6, 2006 at the age of 26. Braun was a trained military sniper. He had confidence in the mission of the Iraq War and in his abilities as a soldier. He explained to people that he believed America was making a positive difference in a faraway country. Before and after his deployment, Braun served as a local police officer for the city of Milwaukee. His friends and family have always admired his “soft heart,” claiming he was full of life. Braun had a certain level of intensity in all that he did, even as a high school football player, riding on the bus all suited up with his helmet and mouth guard the whole way to the game. He was focused and dedicated, the kinds of traits that would later make him an outstanding police officer and soldier.

Braun served on not one, but two tours, giving everything to his country. Through injuries and ailment, he remained devoted to his mission; one summer, his appendix burst during his deployment and the series of difficulties that followed did not keep him from returning to Iraq to serve out his term with his platoon.


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