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Hugo V Mendoza


Our son SPC Hugo V. Mendoza( 3/23/78 – 10/25-07): “Doc Doza” was with Battle Company, 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Airborne Infantry Regiment, THE ROCK. Task Force Bayonet, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, Vicenza, Italy. Operation Enduring Freedom 10/25/07. Korengal Outpost, APOAE 09354.

He was the middle child. As such, he always looked after his little brother “Stevie”, and looked up to his older brother. They all shared a special bond. He was very playful, giving, and friendly little boy. At an early age, he showed special caring qualities for his family and friends. It was these selfless qualities that would take him to sign up to serve his country. He had a contagious smile, and would express his love with just one look.

He wanted to make a difference, and help people, and he did. He died 10/25/07 in an ambush in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, Afghanistan, during one of many missions he was part of. He was the platoon’s medic, and had received medals for his actions just one month before that fatal day. He was KIA while trying to save his Sergeant from being pulled away by the Taliban.

He is referred to as an outstanding Medic for his medical knowledge rivaling those of more senior medics in the battalion. He loved life, his family, and food – any type of food – especially mom’s. He enjoyed food so much, he’d ask someone leaving the Valley to take a break from the battle, to take pictures of the food, and bring them to him.

Our prayers will be with you and yours for giving us this gift of our beloved son.

It’s been a year since that fatal day, when you were called to be with the Lord. The longest, and hardest year of our life. By faith, I know I’ll see you in Heaven, as I’ll be called one day too. However, this, does not ease the pain in my heart since you were taken to be with the Lord. I close my eyes and I see your smiling face; I imagine you calling may name”ama”. Oh how I long to touch that face, and hear your voice again. I miss you so very much baby – everyday – forever.

John 15:13″No one has greater love than this, that one lay down his life for his friends”

“Those who speak to me do not know that my heart is full with your unspoken words. Those who crowd in my path do not know that I’m walking alone with you. They who love me do not know that their love brings you to my heart” Rabindranath Tagore

Mijo, we miss you terribly; you are in our hearts, prayers and thoughts always.

“Duerme en Cristo Hijo”

Mom and Dad,


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