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Jacob K Bare

Chewelah, Washington, USA

U.S. Navy

PO2, Charlie Company, Seal Delivery Vehicle #1

2/6/2011, Honolulu, USA

His name is Jacob Keith Bare.

Jacob was born in Tacoma, WA in 1987. Grew up in Washington State. We moved to Eastern WA. He went to school in Chewelah – graduated from Chewelah Jenkins High School in 2000. Immediately enlisted into the Navy and quickly strived towards goals that he was passionate about. He became a Navy Diver who worked with the Charlie Platoon Navy Seals. He served in Iraq and Persian Gulf. He never told anyone about his deployments and earning the Meritorious Service Medal. He was a humble person with much enthusiasm and exuberance in everything he did. He had a sense of humor that was contagious. He always gave 100+ % in everything task he did. He had a soft side but when necessary, he could be tough as nails. He died on February 6, 2011 in Honolulu. Found dead in his apartment – gunshot to his head. The NCIS is still investigating but are leaning towards PTSD/Suicide. No one that really knew Jacob can accept that as he had a lot of goals that he was excited about for his future.

He has 2 half sisters and 2 half brothers.

As a young man, Jacob enjoyed scuba diving, skate and snowboarding, shooting, and riding BMX bikes. While in high school, Jacob’s quick thinking and intuitive nature, saved a classmate’s life. Shortly after graduating from high school, in Chewelah, WA., Jacob joined the Navy. His first assignment was on DDG 86 USS Shoup. After completing DiveSchool, Jacob was assigned to Charlie Company, Seal Delivery Vehicle #1. Jacob earned various medals to include Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, just to name a few! Jacob was also one of the few divers to have been able to earn his Jump Wings. Jacob, you are dearly missed! We love you and are forever proud of you!!!


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