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James Hill

Redhill, Surrey, England, UK

Army, LCPL, 1st Btn Coldstream Guards

10/8/2009, Afghanistan, Central Helmand province

Lance Corporal James Hill, aged 23 from Redhill in Surrey, was an outstanding Junior Non-Commissioned Officer with excellent prospects. He started training in Autumn 2005 and passed out into the battalion in Spring 2006.

He conducted state ceremonial duties in London District throughout the summer of 2006 from Windsor before moving to the Mortar Platoon in time for Exercise African Thorn in South Africa during early 2007.

Lance Corporal Hill then immersed himself in pre-deployment training for Operation HERRICK 7. He was quickly identified as an excellent mortarman and he soon became a No 1 in a section, the senior post for a mortar number. It was in this post that he deployed on Op HERRICK 7 and he spent the tour in Forward Operating Base (FOB) Keenan with No 3 Company Group.

This was a busy tour and his mortar section was fully involved in numerous engagements in support of the company as they fought the enemy in that part of the Upper Gereshk Valley. After this highly successful tour he was sent on a Junior Non-Commissioned Officer’s cadre and passed with a very high standard.

In January 2009 he was sent on his Mortar Standards Course for which he received a ‘highly competent’ pass, proving his considerable abilities. During the summer he qualified as a Joint Fires Coordinator, proving his understanding of the wider Joint Fires battle that is often fought in Helmand province.

He was again very involved with pre-deployment training prior to deploying as Mortar Fire Controller ‘B’ for No 1 Company Group.

Lance Corporal Hill was a personable, motivated and intelligent warrior. He nurtured those under his command whilst constantly striving to be better by learning from his superiors. He was enthusiastic and energetic about his job and was excited by the prospect of serving in Afghanistan as a Mortar Fire Controller. He was every ounce a model Coldstreamer.

Lance Corporal Hill was tragically killed as a result of an explosion that happened near to Camp Bastion in Helmand province on 8 October 2009.

Lance Corporal Hill was engaged to Anastasia Newman. He was an only child and very close to his family.


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