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James R Moore

Ontario, New York, US

United States Marine Corps


Quang Nam, South Vietnam, 03/13/1978

Staff Sergeant James Rodney Moore , Alpha Company, 9th Engineer Battalion, was attached to the 7th Engineer Battalion at Danang. The 7th Engineer’s Command Chronology notes that at 0800, 01 March 1967 a Marine from Alpha/9 was reported missing in action about 7 kilometers south of the Danang complex. No further information is provided. Corporal James R. Moore was carried as Missing in Action, and twice promoted in that status, until the Secretary of the Navy approved a Presumptive Finding of Death on 13 March 1978.

Staff Sergeant James Rodney Moore was a basic combat engineer. He disappeared while on patrol and is presumed to have been pulled down into a tunnel network by the enemy. A subsequent search of the area showed no signs of James. James has not been returned nor has his body ever been recovered. He is unmarried and was 19 years old on the date he disappeared.


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