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Jan Kiepura


Polish Army

Sergeant, 1st Battalion of the 21st Riflemens Brigade

6/10/2013, Ghanzi, Afghanistan

Sergeant Jan Kiepura died Monday morning after stepping on a roadside mine fiver kilometres from the Polish military base in Ghazni, eastern Afghanistan.

The 35 year-old soldier, a member of the 1st battalion of the 21st Riflemens Brigade, who leaves behind a wife and two sons, was taking part in a patrol with American troops and an Afghan unit when the explosion occurred.

Major Marek Pietrak at Poland’s military HQ described Sergeant Kiepura as “a very experienced officer” and his family has been notified of his death on active service. Forty Polish soldiers have now died in Afghanistan with over 100 wounded and the latest Polish casualty comes after Taliban insurgency announced a “spring offensive” in April, saying it would target foreign military bases and diplomatic areas. Polish troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014 alongside others from the international ISAF mission, when Afghan forces are due to take responsibility for nationwide security for the first time since 1992.


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