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Jarod P Newlove


U. S. Marine Corps



Petty Officer Jarod P. Newlove was traveling in the Logar Province of Afghanistan when he was injured during a firefight when his convoy was attacked. On July 23, 2011, he was reported missing, but after an extensive search was found dead. It’s not known whether he died during the incident or if he was first taken captive, but he died from wounds sustained during the firefight. Jarod was assigned to a mission specifically because of his skill sets. While he was listed as a culinary specialist it’s likely he wasn’t recalled as a cook. There are approximately 6,500 Navy sailors serving on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, with 35 percent of them being from the Navy Reserve.

Petty Officer Newlove was a valued and dedicated member of the Navy Reserve. He had volunteered to serve in Afghanistan.

Jarod Paul Newlove was born on February 17, in Kirkland, Washington. He was raised in West Seattle along with his older brother Will and went to high school there. He played baseball and wrestled in high school and went to Metro divisional tournaments in wrestling. . He joined the navy on March 2004 where he served as a Culinary Specialist. On July 2, 2004 Jarod married his high school sweetheart, Kimberly Humphries. They were blessed with, a daughter Addison, 3 and a son Jordon, 1. His kids were the greatest joys in his life.

The twenty-five year old Navy Sailor served for five years, and was assigned to the USS New Orleans from 2004 to 2008. He was stationed in San Diego. After completing his active duty service he joined the Navy Reserves in 2009. Jarod saw action for one year during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and was assigned to the Counterinsurgency Training Center at Camp Julien. Through his hard work and dedication, he achieved the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and was nominated for Junior Sailor of the Quarter. He received several awards including the Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal, Combat Action Medal and the Purple Heart.

Jarod Paul Newlove lived life to its fullest and made everyone around him happier just for knowing him.


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