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Jason G Pautsch


U.S. Army


10/01/2009, MOSUL, IRAQ

Corporal Jason G. Pautsch was assigned to A Company, 1st Battalion, 67th Armor, 2d Brigade Combat Team, Fort Carson, Colorado. Jason deployed to Iraq in September 2008. The squadron leader was expected home in May 2010 for a break, and return for another five months to finish his tour of duty. He died at age 20 in Mosul, Iraq, after a suicide bomber rammed a truck into a wall outside an Iraqi police station where he and his patrol happened to be at that moment. He enlisted in the Army in January 2007, finishing basic training in May and Airborne School in June.

Corporal Jason Pautsch of Davenport, Iowa, was home schooled until 5th grade. He attended Wood Junior High and enjoyed adventure in the outdoors, including hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.

Jason was not a perfect kid and for a time wore his hair long and died it black. He worked at The Green Thumbers as a teenager, tried out for football during high school and began lifting weights. It was during this time that he made a change in his life. In 2003 he was in a serious bicycle motocross accident and thought he was going to die. He began to pray and gave his life over to God. He finished high school a semester early as part of the class of 2007.

Jason’s feelings were that soldiers were not properly appreciated for their sacrifices. He despised the cowardly attitude of a lot of the politicians that brought into question the value of what they were doing over there. He despised the idea that so many Americans were too gutless to stand up for what they believed. His convictions were made clear when he defended his faith in God by saying, “It’s like this: All the other pretend gods want you to die for them, but Jesus died for you instead.”


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