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Jason N Barfield


U.S. Marine Corps



Lance Corporal Jason Barfield leaves behind his parents, six brothers and sisters and friends and family members who will forever remember his wonderful smile.

“He was one of the most well-loved guys you’d ever meet, and I’m not just saying that because he’s my son,” said Ray Barfield, Jason’s father. “Everywhere he went, everybody just took to him. He was always smiling and so outgoing.”

Jason’s mother said his smile was infectious. “He’s like that all the time. He had one of those smiles that I don’t think it ever left his face,” said Kelli Barfield. “He was one of those people who, when you met him, you never forgot him. He had an impact on everyone. I just can’t say enough. I think he slept with a smile on his face, and he never gave in to idle gossip.”

LCPL Barfield graduated from Ashford High School in 2008. He was a man who loved God and family. “One thing about him is he loved family. Jason even had a tattoo with family put on his arm. He loved the Lord. He loved going to church. He sang ‘Amazing Grace’ at my (mother’s) funeral about three years ago,”explained Mr. Barfield.

The Barfields had just spoken to their son. “He just called us Sunday morning at about 1:30 in the morning, woke us up and talked to us,” Ray said. “He sounded so good. They’d been on a mission and everything was fine. He was looking forward to getting home and getting some of my cooking. He loved my cooking.”

Mrs. Barfield added that Jason looked out for his siblings as well. “He was like his little sister’s guardian angel. Even with him being away, he always made sure he got her a message. He showed up at her school and surprised her last Christmas. He was like a role model to these kids.”

“He had grown up to be the best, sweetest, kindest, most loving young man that you have ever wanted to meet,” according to Shirley Cobb, Jason’s aunt. “He was just such a good person. He was loved by everybody that met him, and we loved him dearly. He’s going to be missed terribly.”

Shirley Cobb explained that while on a surprise visit home over Christmas last year, Jason spoke of his duty to his country. “He said, ‘This is my job, I’ve got to go do my job. I hate that it’s in Afghanistan, but that’s my job.” Cobb continued, “You know these boys go over there and fight, and he knew it was taking a chance. He said that the last time he was here. It’s just a terrible feeling for (us).”

Jason’s visit home last Christmas is a memory his parents said they will always remember. “That was my last Christmas with him, and I will always cherish it,” Mrs Barfield said. “I knew he wouldn’t be home this year, but I never dreamed last year would be my final one. I will cherish it forever.”

While they knew Jason was always in danger, Mr. Barfield said the news still came as a devastating shock. “We knew what he was facing. You just don’t think about it happening this close to home.” Jason was killed serving his country. He has left an indelible mark on the lives of those who knew and loved him.

“I was very blessed to have him as a son,” Mrs. Barfield added.

Robbie Edwards wrote: “Thank you seems so small for standing in the gap for us. Jason and so many like him are truly our heroes and deserve all the honor and respect we can give them.”

Jason leaves his Marine brothers to continue the fight against world terrorism. For all of those blessed to have heard, the words, “EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY” we will continue to cherish his memory.


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