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Jeremy S. Sandvick Monroe




10/08/2006, ALASAD, IRAQ

LCPL Sandvick Monroe attended school in Darby and graduated from Chinook High School on May 23, 2004, leaving that same evening for boot camp to serve in the Marine Corps.

Family and friends say that Monroe had a talent for making people laugh. Tall and rail-thin, with a long neck and a mop of dark hair, he could lighten up any situation with his funny faces and comic timing.

LCPL Sandvick Monroe’s mother Mellissa Pike wrote A True American Hero

Here are parts of her tribute. Jeremy Scott Sandvick Monroe was born to Mellissa Sandvick and Monte Monroe on July 13, 1986 in Malta, Montana. Jeremy was one of seven hand-picked out of 200 men to do the job he was doing because his language studies and performance skills were superior.

CPT Macky Tracy of the U.S. Marine Corps called from Iraq. He said that Jeremy is a true American hero, and he was so popular and well-loved among his fellow Marines. Not only in the Marine Corps were these things felt. Jeremy is and will always be loved for who he was. He respected all people, from the young to the old, and had a way about him that was so welcoming. He is the oldest brother of five siblings.

Jeremy was truly a very unique individual. He loved playing his guitar and was very good. He had the help of his dad in polishing his guitar skills, and could play a piece of music simply by listening to it. It truly helps to know how much people loved him. He so often told me not to put him on a pedestal, but how do you not? He said he was only doing his job. I know he did not want to go to Iraq.

Nothing can replace those we love, but only in prayer can we find peace. Hold on to those cherished moments, and never forget to tell those dear to you that you love them. My last words to Jeremy were, “I love you and stay safe,” He is at peace now, and merely sleeping. Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by all of us – Thank you!


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