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Joshua B Mcdaniels


U.S. Marine Corps



A celebration of Lance Corporal McDaniels’ life took place June 19th in the London High School gym. There was a balloon release ceremony on the football field after the service. Joshua McDaniels graduated in 2008.Lance Corporal McDaniels grew up in Madison County and was captain of London High School’s football team in 2007. He married Adrianna Powell. Erik McDaniels described his nephew as hilarious, charismatic, generous and respectful. He said Joshua was the kind of person who did not wait for life to happen, he made it happen.

“In my opinion, he was a Marine before he even got there. He had the honor, the courage and the value,” Erik said. “He was a hero to our family. He was a superstar to me.”

Debbie Cochran, Joshua’s fifth-grade teacher at London Elementary remembers Lance Corporal McDaniels as a “sweet guy.”

“One thing I tried to instill in all my students was to be lifelong readers, that they should know how to write a letter, and they should be active voters,” Cochran explained. “The first time I ever worked the polls, Josh was on my team as part of Youth At The Booth. He was in high school then. He had a book to read and he was writing a letter. I was so proud.”

Bill Dennis was Lance Corporal McDaniels’ football coach at London High School and credits Joshua with helping to lay the foundation for the football program’s turn-around.

“When I heard Lance Corporal McDaniels was going into the military, I knew he was one of those who could do it. He wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and take orders.”

McDaniels joined the Marine Corps in November 2009.”He was on a mission,” said James Barker, McDaniels’ uncle. “He knew what he was going to do and was proud of that. There was no question in his mind that he was going to go and serve his country and make everybody proud, and he did. He made us all proud.”

Joshua’s portrait is also on Poster 13

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