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Joshua R. Whittle





At the age of 12, the attacks of 9/11 put into motion what course Joshua’s life would take.

LCPL Whittle didn’t want anyone messing with his country so by the time he was in high school, he announced he was going to be a Marine because they were the toughest branch.

Joshua graduated from Columbus High School in Downey and enlisted. Here was a tough young man, but also classy and respectful. He always liked adventure and as a teenager he enjoyed skateboarding and bungee jumping. Joshua was an UFC fan and threw himself into the center of mosh pits at concerts.

This from Joshua on his My Space page:”Hi, im Joshua Whittle but call me MD ! My family and friends mean the world to me and i would give anything for them. I love going to shows and having fun. I love my job ! I am a UNITED STATES MARINE.”

But at the same time, LCPL Whittle didn’t smoke or drink and grew up to be a respectful young man. He always took up for the underdog. Joshua would have made the Marine Corps his career but he was killed just three weeks after arriving in Afghanistan.

Dear Josh, “MD” I am writing this note as if you were still here because I don’t think I could endure it to think that you have left us. I know we will see each other again in heaven it’s just that it won’t be soon enough for me. The year and a half the you stayed with our family I will treasure forever. Josh wanted to stay in Downey, CA to graduate with the friends he grew up with, but his family had moved to Fontana, CA. So, without hesitation our family took him in and he became apart of our family and us a part of his. I will miss you “MD”! Thank you for your courage and bravery I would also like to thank those that took care of him when he got hurt and to the fellow Marines that he was deployed with. I also know that being a Marine was more important to “MD” than anything. It doesn’t surprise me that he was on point. He was always rushing in head first thinking more for others that himself. I love you Joshua and I don’t know what we are all going to do without you. I love you, your other mother. Lorie June 10, 2009


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