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Justin D Ross


U.S. Army



Justin Ross was a 2007 graduate of Bay Port High School and began his military service on October 26, 2007 having joined the Army reserves in 2006. CPL Ross graduated from Universal Technical Institute in 2009.

During deployment to Afghanistan, CPL Ross’ unit was responsible for route clearance: clearing obstacles that might interfere with a mission. These soldiers are on the front line and encounter attacks daily. His father, Pastor Ron Ross, explained that the combat engineers had begun conducting missions on foot to clear bombs from roadways. Justin was enjoying the chance to truly see and experience Afghanistan. Justin believed in what he was doing, “He also told me that after meeting guys from the Afghan Army that he now understood why we were over there.”

CPL Ross was an outstanding soldier. He loved to be in the Army and he loved what he did and he loved working with his follow soldiers. This according to unit personnel. CPL Ross will be remembered as a wonderful man who was proud to serve his country.

Ron Ross, Justin’s father wrote on his Facebook page, “We thank God for freedom and all those … who have paid the ultimate price. We are proud of you Justin!”

Around groups of people, Justin Ross was quiet and sometimes shy. But around his friends, his personality blossomed, and the son of a pastor began to shine.

“He never, ever thought of himself,” friend Amy Staeven explained. “He was always there to encourage, (and) never had anything bad to say about anybody.”

CPL Ross’ mother posted her thoughts about another time shared with her son:

“Thanks everyone for keeping the memories of our son alive! As we were in Chicago this weekend, I thought of when he and I went out for his 21st birthday for pizza, how he was positively influenced by so many in NW suburbs from age 5-10, and how he jumped our 2000 Subaru over a snow bank on the Edens at 75 mph… From then on we’ve owned 4 more Subie’s. I really miss you son, but now hold Nate, and Collin all the more close. Another hurdle past.”


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